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1.Uncle is father`s ________ .

A.brother B.sister C.father D.daughter

2._______ do you go to school ? --- By bike .

A.What B.Why C.How D.Where 3.My father is _____ than my uncle. A.taller B.tall C.old D.older 4.______ is capital city of the U.S. . A.Washington,D.C. B.London C.Ottawa 5.My father and mother like to ____ a walk . A.go B.to C.go for D.for 6.We go to a _______ to have lunch . A.restaurant B.shop C.school D.bus 7.Do you know about China ?

A.Yes,I don`t know. B.No, I know. C.Yes, thanks. D.Yes, I know. 8.What country is east of China ?

A.The U.S. B.The U.K. C.The u.s. D.China 9.What colour is China`s flag ? A.red B.blue C.white D.purple

10.They speak ______ in the U.K. .

A.Chinese B.English C.French

五、根据句意选择划线部分的正确解释:(共20分,每题2分) ( )1.Liming`s mother is taller than Liming .

A.比...矮 B.比...高 C.比...年龄大 D.比...年龄小 ( )2.My father is a police officer .

( )2、你想问老师中国什么颜色时,应问:

A.What colour is China? B .What is China? C.What colour is China's flag? A.医生 B.司机 C.警察 D.售货员 ( )3.My uncle is my aunt`s husband .

:A.妻子 B.儿子 C.女儿 D.丈夫 级班 ( )4.Ottawa is capital of Canada .

A.渥太华 B.华盛顿 C.伦敦 D.堪培拉 ( )5.I like to play checkers with my friend .

A.打篮球 B.下棋 C.散步 D.看电视 ( )6.Jenny has long, straight hair .

:名A.弯的 B.长的 C.直的 D.短的 姓 ( )7.Kangaroo live in Australia .

A.沙滩 B.袋鼠 C.大象 D.熊猫

( )8.The flag of the U.S. has stars and stripes .

A.星星 B.叶子 C.条纹 ( )9.China is west of the U.S. .

A.南方 B.北方 C.东方 D.西方 校 ( )10.Canada`s flag has a leaf .

学A.条纹 B.叶子 C.星星 六、(共10分,每题2分)

( )1、你想问爸爸喜欢干什么时,应问:

A、How do you like to do ? B、What do you like to do ? C、How do you like to doing

( )3、妈妈告诉你,她是坐公共汽车去上班的,应说: A、By bus B、To bus C、By bus work ( )4、当你想问对方喜欢干什么时,应说:

A、What are you doing? B、What do you like to do? C、Which do you like? ( )5、你想表达“北京是中国的首都”时,应说:

A、You live Beijing. B、Your mother live Beijing. C、Beijing is the caqpital city of China


1. My ; is ; father ; driver

_____________________________________________ . 2. She hair and long curly has . _______________________________________________ . 3. my father ; my grandfather ; is ; older than ________________________________________________ . 4. Beijing ; capital ; is ; of ; China ________________________________________________ . 5. The U.K. ; west ; of ; China ; is ________________________________________________ .

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