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一、听力 (一)、看图,听录音,用数字标出朗读顺序 10%

1. Peking Opera 2. Make too many cars 3. He made fire to cook 4. Dinosaur 5. Golden

monkeys 6. Cotton clothes 7. Clear too much land 8. Tower Bridge 9. Do experiments 10. Go there by subway


1. Peking Man used stones to kill animals for food.

2. Red crowned cranes live in the west of China.

3. You can go there on foot.

4. We are going to visit the Temple of Heaven this morning.

5. I learned a lot by growing flowers.

6. African elephants are in China.

7. I can make a puppy.

8. We will visit Niagara Falls this weekend.

9. We shouldn’t keep the rivers clean.

10. We learned a lot from people around us.

(三)、找出你所听到的句子,将正确答案的序号填入题前括号内 5%

1. CN Tower is taller than other ones.

2. Do you want to visit Sydney Opera House?

3. There is a bookshop on the main street.

4. They bought some gifts for Lisa.

5. His head looks like a monkey’s.

(四)、听问句,选答句 5%

1. How do you go to school?

2. Were you at home yesterday?

3. Where were you born?

4. How many trees did you plant?

5. How is the weather today?

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