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小学五年英语上册 unit1 B Read and write

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教学内容:Book 5 Unit1 My New Teachers B.Read and write 教学目标

1.能够听懂,理解Read and write 对话,并能在情景中正确运用。

2.能够听.说.读.写四会句子Is she quiet? No, she isn't.She's very active.Is she strict? Yes, she is, but she's very kind.,掌握意义并正确运用。


1.两组四会句型的规范书写:Is she quiet? No, she isn't.She's very active.Is she strict? Yes, she is, but she's very kind


教学难点:Read and write 重点句子的灵活运用和发挥。 课前准备: 1.教师准备录音机及录音带 2.教学课件 教学过程:

Step 1.Warm- up Let’s chant : (师生一起吟唱歌谣)

Who is your teacher Mrs Heart. Is she kind Yes And she is smart. Who is your teacher Mr Rice. Is he strict Yes but he is nice. Step 2. Review. 结合班级具体情境复习

for example:

T: Is she/he…?


Step 3.Presentation

1. 用课件出示英语老师的照片. Show a photo of student’s Music teacher on the screen

(1)引出Her class is so much fun.

T: Who’s she ? Ss:She’s our Musicteacher Misslu.

T: Ok!Please describe her .

S1:She’s …


S3:She’s…… ……

T: Yes she’s kind and active.We all like her. Because Her class is so much fun.

并引出句型 Her class is so much fun.


Is she quite. ?No ,She isn’t . she’s active.

Is she strict?Yes,She is,but she’s very kind.

2.学习Read and write

①初读the dialogue

导语:Our friendJIM has a new teacher . Please open your books and turn to page 9. Look at the pictures. Who are they?( (引导学生看图并回答课文中出现的人物).They are talking about their new teachers.Please read quickly and answer the questions:

Tick or cross.

1: Jim has a new math teacher? ( )

2: The teacher is old. ( )

3: The teacher is quite.( )

②细读 the dialogue

导语:Boys and girls,read the dialogue again,read slowly,and then answer the question.If you can finish the sentences,write down on your books. (找两个学生上台把答案写出来) 

1.Is she quite. ?No ,She isn’t . she’s

2.Is she strict?Yes,She is, but she’s very .

③深层次练习:read the dialogue carefully and then finish the short essay/passage.

Jim and John have a new math teacher.Her class is so much .She’s and .She’sa student.

Sheisn’t , She’s very .She’s ,but she’s very .

④Listen to the tape T: Listen carefully, pay attention to the pronunciation.


3. Progress 1

.T: Let’s read a passage about my teacher, and then finish the exercises.

Miss Liu is a university student. She is my English teacher. Her class is so much fun. She’s beautiful.She’s tall and thin. She’s very active . We all like her.She like us very much.She often tell(告诉)us stories.We are

good friends.

a. 读短文,判断正误

1.Miss Liu is my science teacher. ( )

2.Miss Liu is very pretty. ( )

3.She’s very tall. ( )

4.We don’t like her. ( )

b. 读短文,完成句子

1. Is she strict?

2. Is she quiet? No, ____ ____ . She’s very ______. c.深层次练习:

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