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剑桥U1-4应知应会内容 2013.10.25 Lesson 1 My new friend

Good morning, Xiao Wei!

Good morning, Linda!

Please meet my new friend, Sam.

Hi , Sam! Meet my new friend, Sue. Hi , Sue!

Hi , Sam!

Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you, too!

Hello, my name is Xiao Wei.

This is my new friend.


Hi, my name is Nick.

Let’s be friends.


Pat May Ann Fred Nick

Tom Bill Ben Sam Sue

Lesson 2 Show me your books!

Hello, boys and girls.

This is a pencil.

Show me your pencils.

Very good!

This is a book.

Show me your books!


bag book pencil eraser ruler pen crayon pencil-case Books and Pencils. Nice to meet you! Rulers and Erasers. Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you!

Let’s sing and dance. Nice to meet you all! Leeson3 Let’s learn the letters!

Apple hand jacket Kate Lesson 4 This is a cat.

Chick duck pig dog cat This is a bird. She is my new friend. This is a cat. She is my new friend.

This is a dog. She is my new friend.

This is an elephant.


牛津U1-5应知应会内容 2013.10.25 U 1 Hello

Su Hai Wang Bing Helen Hello,I’m Su Hai.

Hi,I’m Mike.

Unit2 Good morning

morning afternoon evening Good morning.

Good morning, Miss Li.

Unit3 This is my mum

dad mum teacher This is my mum.

This is my dad.

Unit4 My bag

a book a bag a pencil This is my book.

Unit5 Fruit

a banana a pear a mango Is this a banana?

Yes, it is. Mike a pencil box a peach

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