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Lesson 12 We are going to see Tom.

She has a fever.

He has a cold .

ill in bed

after school


(I)Look and complete.

ill ___ bed

____ school

____ something

play ____ Linda

Look and fill in the blanks.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? _____ i n bed(卧病在床) after ______(放学后) play ______B ob (和鲍勃玩) _____ i n bed(躺在床上) ______something (听到一些事情) I’m _______(我很抱歉) ______class(课后) have a ________(发烧)


a fever

a cold

a cough

Work in pairs

What’s wrong with you?

I’ve got a fever. I’m sorry to hear that.

Listen and read



? ?


Jack : What are you going to do after school,linda? Linda: Tom is ill in bed.We are going to see him. Jack: Im sorry to hear that.Whats wrong with him? Helen: He has a cold. Jack : May I go to see hin with you? Helen :Sure.

1.Copy the new words four times. 2. after class. (课后与同学运用所学句型做对话练习。)

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