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Unit 4 What Are You Doing


What Are You Doing

Ⅰ.Introduce yourself.
My name is …I’m ten years old. I like summer best. Because I can swim in the lake.

Ⅱ.Ask and answer.
What can you do? I can…

drawing pictures

cooking dinner

doing the dishes washing dishes

reading a book

answering the phone

drawing pictures cooking dinner washing dishes doing the dishes answering the phone reading a book

What are you doing? I’m …

Ⅲ.Let’s chant ? What are you doing? ? I am doing the dishes. What are you doing? ? I am drawing pictures. What are you doing? ? I am reading a book. What are you doing? ? I am cooking dinner. What are you doing?

I am answering the phone.

Ⅳ.Consolidation and extension 1.Do exercises of Activity Book.(活动手册) 2.Writing exercises.

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