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Unit 1

tall—taller______ short—shorter______ strong—stronger______

old—older ________ young—younger ________ big—bigger________

heavy—heavier ________ long—longer ________ thin—thinner ________

small—smaller ________

1. --How tall are you? 你多高? --I’m164 cm tall. 我164厘米高。

2.You’re shorter than me.(你比我矮)

3.You’re 4 cm shorter than me. (你比我矮四厘米)

4.--How heavy are you?你多重?-- I’m 48 kg. 我48公斤/千克

5.I’m thinner than you, and shorter.我比你瘦,也比你矮。

Unit 2:

have a fever ________ have a sore throat________ have a cold________

have a toothache ________ have a headache ________ matter________

sore ________ hurt________ nose ________ tired________ excited________

angry________ happy________ bored________ sad ________

1.What’s the matter? 你怎么了?

-- My throat is sore. 我嗓子疼。My nose hurts.我鼻子疼

2.How are you, Liu Yun? 你好吗,刘云?You look so happy.你看起来很高兴。

3.How are you, Sarah?你好吗,Sarah?

You look sad today.你今天看起来很伤心/难过。

Unit 3:

watch—watched________ wash—washed________ clean—cleaned________

play—played________ visit—visited ________ do—did ________

last weekend________ go—went________ go to a park—went to a park ________

go swimming—went swimming_______ _go fishing—went fishing________

read—read________ yesterday ________ go hiking—went hiking________

1.--What did you do last weekend? 你上周末做什么了?

--I played football. 我踢足球了。

2.--Did you read books? 你读过书了吗?

--Yes, I did.-- No, I didn’t.

Unit 4:

learn Chinese—learned Chinese________

sing and dance—sang and danced ________

eat good food-ate good food________

take pictures—took pictures ________climb—climbed________

have—had ________buy presents—bought presents________

row a boat—rowed a boat ________

see elephant—saw elephant________ go skiing—went skiing ________

go ice-skating—went ice-skating ________ how________

get—got ________ last________

1.--Where did you go on your holiday? 你假期去哪儿了?

--I went to Xinjiang.我去了新疆。

2.--How did you go there?你怎么去的?

-- I went by train. 我坐火车去的。

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