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外研社小学英语第八册M3U1The Sun is Shining

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Module3 Unit1

The sun is shining.

Everyone is happy !
每个人 The sun is shining .

are swimming In this photo, it__________, the the boys ____________ ducks_______________ is raining InInthis photo,the sun is they________________snowman. this photo, it is hot, shining,arehavingare picnic. In this photo, it’ssnowing they____________a playing __________, are drinking are making windy, they ____________a colas. in the football. water.
Everyone is happy .

Listen and answer:

1.Who wrote this letter? Daming wrote this letter.

Listen ,repeat then answer:

1.Did Daming have a funny day on Saturday? Yes, he did. 2.What did they do in the park? They had a picnic in the park. 3.What is Daming doing?

He is sending some photos.

Listen and answer.
1.How many photos did Daming take? There are three. 2.What are the birds doing? The birds are singing in the trees.

Listen again and repeat .Then answer.

1.What are Daming,Simon and his mum doing? They are looking at some ducks. 2.Where are they when it is raining? They are under a tree. 3.What are the ducks doing? The ducks are eating their picnic.

Read the text by yourself. Then describe the photos .

In this photo, the sun is shining. The birds are singing in the trees. We are looking at some ducks. They look hungry.

In this photo, it is raining and we are under a tree.

The ducks are eating our picnic.



结构 :be(am/is/are)+ 动词ing 动词变ing
send(sending) look(looking) shine(shining) have(having) run(running) swim(swimming) sing(singing) eat(eating)

2.去不发音字母e +ing:
write(writing) take (taking) put(putting) sit(sitting) come(coming) make(making) drop(dropping) stop(stopping)



swimming 1 I am ____________ (swim) now. is 2 He ______ (be) doing homework now. looking at 3 We are _____________ (look at) some ducks. shining 4 The sun is __________ (shine) . are having 5 They ______________(have) a birthday party.

Look! What are they doing?
The sun is shining . The cat is sleeping. The dog is running.

The rabbit is jumping. Amy is flying a kite. Lingling is riding a bike.
Lingling’s mum is cooking.
Lingling’s grandpa is taking pictures. Lingling’s grandma is reading a book. Sam and Daming are playing football. Lingling’s father is listening to music.


Recite Daming’s photo to your friend .(把大明的照片内容复述给你 的朋友听。)

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