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Good afternoon dear teachers!Today,I`m glad to take part in the game.
Now,let me introduce myself.

My name is kelly.I am 9.Iam in Grade3 Class4 of Pinganer Road primary school.
I`m learning plant 5 in rainbow.
My English teacher is michelle .She is young and kind.
My good friend is Alice,we are in the same class,we both like English very much.
I have a happy family.My father is a driver.My mother is a chinese teacher,and I am a good student.
I`m a sunny gril.I have many hobbies,such as swimming,dancing and drawing.My favorite class is English.
Because it is very intereting.
This is me.An active girl.Please remember Kelly.
That's all.
Thank you.


thank you for listening.please remember me!
My favorite color is blue.
My favorite animal is cat.

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