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鼓励鼓励孩子们的话,例如:you're very clever, you're so smart......

I’m proud of you!

You are my sunshine!

With time and patience the leaf of the mulberry becomes satin.(只要功夫深, 铁杵磨成针。)

You are my good boy/girl.

Come on, baby! You are the tops!

I believe I can do,

I can do You have a flash of wit.

Great, good, wonderful, super , cool

If you do , you will the best.

Cool! My sunshine boy!

That's marvelous!

You did a wonderful job!

I'm really impressed by your improvement.

Don't be shy, just have a try!

Would you like to have a try?

Don't worry! No problem! Try again!

You are the best one.

Clever boy/ girl. Smart boy/girl.


Good, good ,very good!

Hurry up!

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