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Module4Unit2 This bag is hers

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Module4 Unit2 This bag is hers. 教学设计

一、教学目标: 1、知识目标:掌握新单词 whose .理解句型Whose bag is this? Is it

Lingling’s bag? It’s hers 深入理解It’s mine/ hers

/yours/ his区分自己与他人的物品。

2、技能目标:能口头运用 Whose bag is this? 这类语句询问物品的所属,

并能口头运用It’s Lingling’s bag.这类语句说明物品所属。


二、教学重难点 教学重点:掌握单词Whose,句型It’s mine /yours/ his/ hers/Ling ling’s. 教学难点:掌握问句Whose …is this? Is it yours…/××’s?

三、教学准备:课件, 点读笔,收集部分学生的学习用品。


Step1、warm-up and preview-show(热身复习,预习展示)

1. Greetings.

2.preview and revision:

(1)运用句型:This is my + 物品。It’s mine. It isn’t his/ hers/yours/××’s.介绍自己的物品。先示范,然后四人小组准备,再指几组展示。

(2)Do you know them ?

(Teacher shows the pictures about sweater, T-shirt, bag and cap) T: Boys and girls, please look at here. Do you remember them? Ss read the words: bag cap T-shirt sweater



Step2、presentation and cooperation(创设情境,合作探究)

1、 The teacher take up one girl’s bag and ask:

T:Whose bag is this? Ss: It is××’s. T: Yes, this bag is hers. Today let’s learn Module4 Unit2 This bag is hers.(板书课题)

(利用学具创设适当的语境,呈现句型Whose ___ is this?导入新课) 今天我们继续学习怎样谈论物品的所属关系。我这儿设立了一个物品招领处,现在我们就帮这些物品寻找主人。


T: Whose pencil is this?

ⅹⅹⅹ, is this your pencil?

S: Yes, it’s mine.

T: And whose bag is this? Is it ××’s bag?

S: No, it isn’t his, It’s hers .

T: Whose pencil-box is this? Is it yours?

S: No, it isn’t mine. It’s ××’s.

T: Here you are.

出示单词whose卡片,问:Do you know the meaning of ”whose”?


Ss: (students practice)

T: Are you clear now? Please practice the sentence and make a similar dialogue with whose …is this? is it yours…/××’s? in your group.

2. Learning the text

Sam,Amy, Lingling and Daming come to Found and Lost,and find their things. Open your book and turn to page 16,look at Activity one. Listen and answer the questions.

(1) Whose bag is this?

(2)Whose T-shirt is this?

(3)Whose sweater is this?

(4)Whose cap is this?

Listen to the E-pen and check the answer.

3. Read and practice

(1)Read after the E-pen.

(2)Read in groups.

(3)Read and show. Get some groups to show their reading.

4、Finish activity 2 of unit2

(出示课件)Point,,ask and answer.


Step3、Practice and communication (提炼重点,应用展示)


1.lookat the pictures and fill in the blacks with mine hers his yours 2.Fill in the blanks with the following words

mine her his my hers his your yours whose

1. This is ______book.(我的)

2. This book is ______.(我的)

3. Is it _______pen? (你的) Yes, it’s ______.(我的)

4. Is this pencil _______?(他的) No, it’s _________(她的)

5. ________(谁的)sweater is this? It’s __________(他的)

6. Is this bag ________?(你的) No, it’s Daming’s.

3. Let’s play a game “Find the owners.”

The teacher collects some students’ real objects to the teacher’s desk., lets students to guess whose things are these, and uses the sentence: whose … is this? Is this ××’s.+ 物品。Yes/No,it’s …。

Eg: T: whose pen is this?

S1: Is it Du binyan’s pen?

T: Is it your pen ,Du binyan?

Du binyan: Yes, it’s mine / No, it’s Du jinying’s pen.

(游戏规则:四人小组利用学习用品建立失物招领处,进行活动,寻找物品的主人,要用上学过的句子,如:whose … is this? Is this××’s.+ 物品。Yes/No,it’s …。先小组练习,然后利用讲桌上的物品展示)

Step4、Summary and Development(总结评价,实践提升)


Whose bag,whose bag, is it Lingling’s bag? is it Lingling’s bag? XX(点头) Yes,it’s hers. Yes,it’s hers.

Whose T-shirt,whose T-shirt, is it Jimmy’s T-shirt? is it Jimmy’s T-shirt? XX(摇头) No,it isn’t his No,it isn’t his. It’s mine. It’s mine. Step5、Homework




Unit2 This bag is hers.

A: Whose … is this?

B: It’s ××’s

A: Is this ××’s …?

B: Yes, it’s his/ hers

No, it’s yours/ ××’s

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