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Unit 7 We’re soldiers.

1. left right turn guess

Unit 10 Where’s the cat?

12. in on under in front of

13. a kitchen a bathroom a living room

2. traffic police policeman coin

14. grass grapes green

3. What are we? We’re soldiers.

15. Where’s the cat? She is in the kitchen.

4. Are you soldiers? Yes, we’re soldiers.

16. Is she under the table? No,she isn’t.

5. flower fly flag flat

Unit11 You homework is good. 17. a sum homework right wrong

Unit 8 This is my brother’s painting. 6. painting exit photo album belt

7. This is my brother’s painting.

18. Is this sum right? Yes,it’s right.

19. This sum is wrong. I’m sorry,Miss Guo.

8. That’s an exit.

9. fruit French fries frame

Unit 9 This is our flat.

10. a table a chair a bedroom a bed

21. Can you throw far? Yes, I can . Ican throw far.

11. a wardrobe glove glass globe glasses

Unit 12 I can swim fast.

20. jump high run fast swim fast fly high


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