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总分:100分 考试时间:100分钟


1.植物 pl__ __t 2. 电影院 c__ ne__ __ 3.观看 w__ t __ __ 4.土壤 s__ __l 5.交通 tr__ ff --__ __ 6.转弯 t__ __n 7.艺术家 a__tis__


1.go to school by bus _____________ 2. work in a company____________ 3.Water the seed_____________ 4. ride a bike _____________

5..traffic rules_____________ 6.集邮______________ 7..拉小提琴____________ 8.读杂志______________

9. 左拐___________ 10.一双鞋_____________ 三、把单词的正确形式选出来(20分)

1. He is a _____(writes writer) we all like him 2.How can she_____ (gets get) to the zoo?

3.Usually she______ (goes go) to school by bike 4.lily _____ (buys is going to buy) a pet this afternoon 5.She wants to _____ (read reads) some books in the afternoon 6.Li Ming likes_____(ride riding) a bike 7.His father is_____(a an)actor 8.(Do Does) _____ she teach English?

9.(What How)_____ do you do/ I am a salesperson 10.(How Where) ____ does the rain come from? It comes from the clouds

四、选择合适的译文(24分) ( ) 1. 她的父亲是一名会计

A. Her father is a accountant B. Her father is an accountant ( )2. 她教我们英语

A. She teaches us English B. She teachs us English ( )3. 你的父亲在这儿工作吗?

A. Do your father work here? B Does your father work here? 5.Sarah’ s works in father a school

( )4. –我喜欢晚上看电视 6.sprout you see the can

______________________________ A.I like watch Tv in the evening

B. I like watching Tv in the evening 六、从I栏中找出与Ⅱ栏相对应的答语。(10分) I栏 Ⅱ栏

( )5 下午你打算去哪里?

A. Where do you go this afternoon?

B. B Where are you going this afternoon? ( ) 6. 我步行去学校

A. I go to school on foot B. I go to school by foot ( ) 7. 他在电影院下车

A. He gets on at the cinema B. He gets off at the cinema ( )8..我妈妈是一名演员

A. My mother is an actor B. My mother is an actress


1.do how you to go school ________________________________?

2. far here is it from

_______________________________? 3. she you teach does math __________________________? 4. he in car factory works a _________________________

)1How does your father go to work? A.He is my teacher. ( )2.Who is that man? B. on foot. ) 3.Where is the school C. I am going at )4. When are you going? D.It’ ) 5.What is your hobby? E. I like diving

( (((

答案:一 plant cinema watch soil traffic turn artist 二.乘公共汽车上学 在公司工作 浇种子 骑自行车 交通规则 Collect stamps play the violin read a magazine turn left a ppair of shoes 三.Writer get goes is going to buy read riding an Does What where 四 B A B B B A B B 五.How do you go to school? Is it far from here? Does she teach you math? He works in a car factory Sarah’ s father works in a school You can see the sprout 六. 1B 2A 3D 4C 5E

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