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总分:100分 考试时间:60分钟

一. ( ) 1.f_t A.o B.u C.oo ( ) 2.t ll A.i B.h C.a ( ) 3.subw A.ai B.i Cay ( ) 4.coun y A.tr B.ty C. tree ( ) 5.t me A.he B.u C.m ( ) 6.n th A.o B.ar C.or ( ) 7.p ty A.ar B.er C.ea ( ) 8.w sh A.i B.a C.o ( ) 9.twelf A.teen B.ty C.th ( ) 10.l rn A.i e B.e a C.a n 二、英汉互译。(10分)

1.骑自行车__________________ 2. read a magazine ______________ 3.集邮______________________ 4. science museum ______________ 5.漫画书____________________ 5. motor cycle__________________ 7.下周______________________ 8. pen pal ________ _____________ 9.交通规则__________________ 10. Hong Kong _________________ 三、按要求写出词语。(10分)

ride (ing形式) swim (ing形式) have(第三人称单数) play(第三人称单数) making (原形) coming (原形) their (同音词) right(反义词) doesn’t (完全形式) actor (对应词) 四、连词成句。(10分)

1. father, bike, to, by, work, does, go, your

2. are, there, in, country, three, lights, every, traffic

3. your, where, mother, does, work

4. go, to, your, does, teacher, how, work, English

5. the, is, where, office, post

五、根据汉语提示完成句子,每个横线上可写多个单词。(20分) 1. I _______________(没有)an uncle. I want to have an uncle. 2. She likes __________(看) books.

3. My father often ____________(看) TV after supper. 4. Tom and Alice _____________(喜欢)listening to music. 5. How does she ___________(去) to school. 6. He __________(有) a new bicycle.

7. I’m going to _________(买) a story book. 8. It’s _____________(旁边)the hospital. 9. He dances. He is a _____________(舞蹈家).

10. She ____________(打扫)streets. She is a cleaner. 六、选择正确的答案,将字母填入题前的括号里。(30分) ( )1. Does your mother wash clothes?

A. Yes, she doesn’t. B. Yes, he does. C. No, she doesn’t. ( )2. What does Tom do?

A. Tom goes to school. B. Tom is a boy. C. Tom is a teacher. ( )3. How does he go to school?

A. On feet. B. By foot. C. On foot. ( )4. He likes _________. He likes _________, too. A. making/swimming B. making/swim C. making/swim


( )5. Where is your home?. A. It’s south of the post office. B. I’m at home. C. I live in the city.

( )6. ____________________________ You can go by the No. 15 bus.. (整洁).There are two beds in the room. There is a desk between (在……中间) and the other(另一把)is for his brother. There is a map of A. Can I go on foot?

Billy and his brother like their bedroom very much. B. How can I get to Yongming Park? 1. The bedroom is small, and it’s clean. ( )C. Where is the Yongming Park? 2. There are two desks in the bedroom. ( ) ( )7. Happy birthday. 3. There are some Chinese books on the desk. ( ) __________

4. There are two maps on the wall. ( ) A. Happy birthday. B. Thank you. C. Ok. 5. There isn’t a phone in the bedroom. ( )( )8. _______________________? I’m going to the zoo. A. Where are you going? B. When are you going? C. What are you going to do?

( )9.Who are you ? ________________. A. I’m little Water Drop. B. Who are you? C. I’m fine.

( )10.Where does he work? A. He goes to work by bus. B. He works in a hospital. C. He can be a doctor.


This is Billy and his brother’s bedroom. It’s not very big, but it is tidy


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