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时间:50分钟 满分:100分,其中,卷面分5分。

请同学们把第一卷选择题的答案填到第二张试卷的答题卡内。 一、单项选择

1. big is Beijing ?

A. How B. What C .Why 2. Tell more about the Great Wall . A. I B . me C. my 3. ---Where is Shanghai ?

---It’s the east of China . A. to B. on C. in 4. What are you ?

A. doing B. did C. do

5. I a student. He a teacher. A. is , are B. am ,is C. am , are Chinatown?

A. go B. go to C. to go to 7. Have you got American stamps?

A. any B. some C. a

8. --Have you got a pen ?--_______________________.

A. Yes, I am . B. Yes , I have . C . No, I don’t.9. These stamps are my letters. A. of B. to C. from

10. I’m sending A. a B. the C. an

11. There some water in the glass. A. am B. is C. are

a Chinatown in New York. A. is B. am C. are 13. Do you _____________ toy cars?

A. collecting B. collects C. collect 14. Can I ________ to you?

A. writing B. write C. to write

15. These are some stamps _____________Canada. A. from B. with C. for 16.Please look_________ the picture. A. on B. in C. at

17. New York has got __________ people.

A. eight hundred B . eight million C. eight millions 18.Let’s ______ to the West Lake now. A. go B. goes C. going 19.___________ TV is my hobby.

A. Watching B. Watch C. Looking at 20.There are ___________Chinese shops.

A. a lot of B. lot of C. lost of 二、找出每组单词中不同类的一个。

( )21、 A、good B 、play C、get D、 look

( )22、 A、park B、chocolate C、library D、restaurant ( )23 A、Canada B、Mexico C、Chinese D、America ( )24、 A、nurse B、pupil C、driver D、people ( )25、 A、 tall B、where C、how D、what 三、完形填空

Hi, _____ name is Linda. I’m ______England . Collecting stamp ______ my hobby. And I ________ many Chinese stamps .Some are famous men and______.And one has got The Great Wall______ it . _______ very beautiful. Look at this one . It’s from my ________ friend , Li Hong.It’s ________flowers . I like ______ very much .

26. A.I B. my C. I’m 27. A . for B. at C. from 28. A. is B. am C. are

29. A. has got B. have got C. is got 30. A. woman B. womens C. women 31. A. on B. at C. from 32. A. Its B. It’s C. It

33. A. China B. China’s C. Chinese 34. A. about B. on C. from 35.A. them B. it C. its


Daming , Lingling, Sam and Tom are in the zoo. What is their favourite thing to do ? Visiting animals in the zoo.

Kangaroos(袋鼠) come from Australia. Their back legs are very strong and

their tails ( 尾巴 ) are very strong, too. They like jumping very much, and they can jump very far.

Pandas are very hard ( 困难的 ) for people to see. They live on(以---为食)bamboo. They like eating very much, and they eat for twelve hours a day. Many people love pandas very much, because they’re fat and lovely.

Monkeys like living in the forest(森林).They like eating fruit very much.

They have long arms. They can jump from trees to trees.

Look! There are some birds here. What are they doing? They like singing.

( )36. Daming , Lingling, Sam and Tom like visiting animals. ( )37. Kangaroos like eating bamboo very much.

( )38. Pandas are very fat and lovely and they like jumping very much ( )39. Monkeys have long arms and they like eating fruit. ( )40. Kangaroos and monkeys like jumping very much.

六年级英语月考试题 50分钟

My classroom

五、 按顺序在四线格内默写下列字母( I i -----T t )

姓 六、写出下列各词的适当形式

1.man (复数复数复数)

4.China(形容词 5.have (第三人称单数)

6.let’s(完全形式) 7.east (反义词) 反义词

9.have not (缩写形式) 10. country (复数) 七、英汉短语互译 班 1.一幅长城的图画__________________ 2.许多中国饭馆________________ 3.集邮________________________ 4.放风筝_________________ 5.发送邮件___________________ 6.play computer games_________________ 7.ride bikes to work_____________ 8.go to Chinatown ________________

9.in the north of China____________ 10.fourteen million people ____________


1. Sit down, please. ________________________________.

2. _______________________________? Qingdao is in the east of China.

3. _______________________________? My father is a farmer.

4.Do you want to go to Chinatown? ___________________________. 5. ____________________________? Yes, I have got some stamps.


(一)用There is / There are句型简单描述一下你的教室。(不


( 二 ) 同学们有很多爱好吧,请以 My hobby为题,写一写你的业 余爱好。(不少于5句) 如:Collecting stamp is my hobby.

My hobby

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