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六年级 英语

时间: 60分钟 共120分 等级

一、 选出每组中不同类的单词。

( )1、A.England B.Chinese C.French D.American ( )2、A.festival B.postcard C.stamp D.letter ( )3、A.basketball B.violin C.drum D.paino ( )4、A.bike B.bus C.book D.car ( )5、A.speak B.write C.pen friend D.sing 二、写出下列单词

1.邮票 2.节日 3.另一个 4.收集 5.灯笼 6.听起来 7.公里 8.百万 9.有时 10.饭馆 三、.英汉互译。

1. 发一封电子邮件 ______________2. 元宵节___________________ 3. 思念中国__________________4. the Tian’anmen Square __________ 5.成为我的笔友 6.ride bikes____________ 7. 在加拿大的唐人街______________ 8.当然了 ____________ 9.讲英语 四、写出下列单词的各种形式。

1.man (复数 2.woman(复数 3.hobby(复数 4.China(形容词 5.stamp(复数 6.let’s(完全形式7.have(否定形式)8.can(否定形式) 9.swim(现在分词)10.meet(过去式) 五、选择最合适的一项。

( )1.We lived a big house . A. at B. in C. on ( big is Beijing ?

A. How B. What C .Why

( )3. Tell more about the Great Wall . A. I B . me C. my ( ) 4. ---Where is Shanghai ?

---It’s the east of China . A. in B. on C. to

第1页 共 4 页 ( )5.What big map of China ! A. a B. an C. the ( )6. What are you ?

A. do B. did C. doing

( )7.There lots of American restaurants. A. is B. are C. were

( )8.I a student. He a teacher. A. am ,is B. is , are C. am , are ( )9. Do you Chinatown? A. go B. go to C. to go to

( ) 10.I’m sending an email my family. A. for B. to C. on

( Thanksgiving Day, we say “thank you ” our

food , family and friends .

A. in , on B. on , to C. on , for ( )12. He gives presents the children .

A.for B. to C. with

( )13. We watch a big football game TV.

A. at B. in C. on

( )14. What’s favourite festival ? A. you B. your C. they

( )15. These stamps are my letters. A. of B. to C. from


A. has got B.have got C.there are D.there is 1. some beautiful squares in Dalian . 2. a book and a pen on her desk . a lovely dog. 4. She

four legs.


Daming: It’s about six thousand seven hundred kilometers . Simon : Wow !

Simon : It’s very big . It’s got eight million people .

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Daming:That is big .

Simon : Daming: It’s got about fourteen million people . Simon : Daming:Yes, I have . Simon :Yes , I do. They are very great. 八、完形填空

is a nice boy. ( )1、 A.I'm B.I is C.This ( )2、 A.He B.She C.I ( )3、 A.This B.She C.it ( )4、 A.but B.and C./ ( )5、 A.is B.are C.am ( )6、 A.His B.your C.Her ( )7、 A.her B.he's C.she's ( )8、 A.is B.am C.are ( )9、 A.My B.His C.Her ( ) 10、 A.He B.She C.It 九、阅读理解。



Wu Dong has a good friend. His name is Peter. He is from the U.S.A. Wu Dong and Peter are in the same class. They go to school five days a week.

They stay at home on Sunday and Saturday. Peter likes China and Chinese food. He likes rice cakes very much. At school they play table tennis (乒乓球)after class.

Wu Dong and Peter like making things. Now they are making a plane. They like flying planes on Sunday morning. Peter speaks English and a little Chinese. Wu Dong speaks Chinese and a little English. They teach each other (互相). ( )1. Wu Dong has an American friend. ( )2. They go to school from Monday to Friday. ( )3. They often fly planes after class.

( ) 4.Wu Dong teaches Peter English and Peter teaches Wu Dong Chinese.

第1页 共 4 页 ( ) 5. Peter likes rice cakes very much. (B) 阅读短文完成句子 Dear Laura,

Thank you for your letter. We are so glad(高兴) to be your pen friends. We are , but we. We have lots of Chinese friends here. They asked us to invited you to come here.

I like I bought(买) many Chinese kites. Look, there’s a photo(照片) of me. I’m holding a dragon kite. Amy’s hobby is collecting Barbie dolls. She has got many Barbie dolls.

We are waiting for(正在等)your coming. From,

Sam and Amy

1. Laura is Sam and Amy’s 2. Sam and Amy are , but they . 3. Sam’s hobby is 4. In the photo, Sam is . .

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