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假期 v_ cat_on 邮件 m_ _l 地址 a__d__ess 吉他 g__it__r 信件 l__t__er


1.Jenny _____a letter to you .

A.write B.wrote C.writing

2..I agree_____you.

A.of B.in C.with

3..I’m good ____playing the drums.

A.for B.at C.to

4.What’s____weather like there ?

A.the B.a C不填

5..Is there___mail for me ?

A.some B.any C不填


1.我同意你的意见。(agree with)


2.我要去洗手间。(have to)


3.我们下次做的更好。(do it better)


4.我做错了。(make a mistake)


5.我在也吃不下了(not…any more)


四、look at the blanks and choose “T”or”F”(16分)

1、Mike never eats bread. 2Mike sometimes eats fish on Sunday. always eats apples.

Mike usually eats hamburgers. 五、选句填空,完成书信。把序号写在横线上。(19分) 备选句子

1、Your friend,Jenny

2、Why don’t you visit me during the vacation? 3、Dear Xiaoxiao and Qiaoqiao

4、It was Thanksgiving Day yesterday. 5、What’s the weather like there? 6、June 26,2009

____ It’s a little windy in Ottawa.

________ __ We had a big party last night. My family got together had turkey dinner. I miss you guys.

I’ll be waiting for your letter.


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