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牛津小学英语5A期中测试 (1)

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牛津小学英语5A期中测试 (1)

姓名 成绩


1. 第一天_______________________ 2. 所有的学生_________________

3.一张世界地图__________________ 4.骑马 _______________________

5. 把这个面具放到床上____________ 6. 听音乐______________________

7. the rabbit in the black hat__________ 8. go and play there_______________

9. have a Music lesson ______________ 10. here’s your change__________二、单项选择

( )1. Are there _______ jackets in the shop?

A . some B. any C. many

( )2.What do they like? They like _______.

A. picture book B. picture books C. pictures books

( )3.Wang Bing and _______ parents are in the dining-room.

A. her B. their C. his

( )4.What’s ______ the tree ? Oh, He’s my brother, Mike.

A. at B. on C. in

( )5.How______ is that blouse? sixty yuan.

A. old B. many C. much

( )6.Do you like hanburgers?____________________

A. All right. B. No, thanks. C. Yes, very much.

( )7.There ______ a pair of shoes under the bed.

A. is B. are C. am

( )8.____ Sundays, We can Watch TV ______ the evening.

A. In ,on B. On, in C.At, in

( )9.There is______ map of China on the wall.

A. any B. a C. some

( )10.I can see _____ umbrella behind the door.It’s _____ yellow umbrella.

A. a, an B. an, an C. an, a

( ) 11. I can the violin . I like the violin .

A. play, play B. play, playing C. playing, play D. playing, playing

( )12._______ in your new school bag? There’re many books.

A. What’s B. What’re C. Where’s

( )13.Is there a park ______ your house?

A. in B. on C. near

( )14.Sometimes I watch TV in the afternoon,but my parents______.

A. not B. aren’t C. don’t

- 1 -

( )15._____ can _____ do? She can play the piano.

A. What he B. What she C.What’s she


my home.Today is Sunday ,my parents like to buy a big cake my grandpa’s birthday.


Mary is a little girl. She is only five years old. She is not at school. She doesn’t know how to read or write. But her sister Joan is a schoolgirl. She is ten. She knows how to read and write. One day, Joan sees her little sister in the room. She is at the table. There is a pencil in her hand. She is writing. “What are you writing, Mary?” She asks. “I’m writing to my friend, Rose.” “But how can you? You don’t know how to write.” Says her sister. “Well,” says Mary, “It doesn’t matter. Rose doesn’t know how to read, either.”

( )1. Is Mary a schoolgirl?

A. Yes, she is. B. No, she isn’t. C. We don’t know.

( )2. Who can read and write?

A. Mary B. Rose C. Joan

( )3. What’s in Mary’s hand?

A. There’s a pen. B. There’s a pencil. C. There’s a crayon.

( )4. What’s Mary doing?

A. She’s drawing. B. She’s writing to her friend. C. She’s singing.

( )5. Can Rose read and write?

A. No, she can’t. B. Yes, she can. C. We don’t know.


1. 这儿有厕所么?对不起,我不知道,我不居住在这个城市。

Is there a _________?________,I ________ know.

I don’t ________ ________ the city(城市)

2. 你们班有多少男生?27个.


_________ _________ boys _______ ________ in your class?


_________ they play basketball? _______ ,_________the boys can play



1. Do you like masks, Ben?

___ , ___ ___. (是的,我喜欢。)

2. Do you like rabbits?

- 2 -

___ , ___ ___. (不,我不喜欢。)

3. What ___ you ___ ? (你喜欢什么?)

I like horses.

4. What are ___ ___ ? (你正在做什么?)

I’m ______ ___ ___ ? (我正在扫地。)

5. What ___ he ___ ? (他正在做什么?)

He’s _____ ___ ____ . (他正在擦窗户。) - 3 -


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