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小学二年级牛津英语Unit 2 drills

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Unit 2 A Snack Bar

a snack bar 快餐店/ 小吃店

Have some noodles. 请吃面条。

Have some soup. 请喝汤。

May I have a hotdog? 我能买一只热狗吗?

May I have a pizza? 我能买一只匹萨饼吗?

May I have some biscuits? 我能买些饼干吗?

A shopping game. 购物游戏

Shopping list 购物清单

---May I have a hotdog? ---我能买一只热狗吗?

---May I have a pizza, too? ---我还能买一只匹萨饼吗?

My dog has my hotdog. 我的狗有我的热狗。

Here’s your present. 这是你的礼物。 Come with me. 跟我来。

There are a lot of balloons in the sky. 天空中有许多气球。

We have a good time. 我们过得很愉快。

I am from Shanghai. 我来自上海。

Welcome to Shanghai. 欢迎来上海。

---How do you like Shanghai? ---你喜欢上海吗?

---I like Shanghai very much. ---我非常喜欢上海。

---Do you like food here? ---你喜欢这里的食物吗?

---I like the food here, it is delicious. ---我喜欢这里的食物,非常好吃。

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