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A: ___________________________________________

B: I usually read books in Yucai Library

A: Oh, really!

B:It’s behind the People’s Park.


B:Yes. It’s only 5 minutes’ walk.


B: Sure, if you like. But you must remember the traffic rules.

A: Of course. _________________________________

B: That’s a good idea! ______________________________

A: At 3:00 o’clock tomorrow afternoon, OK?

B: OK. See you then.


Dear Mike,

I am going to tell you about my life in China. I study in Zhuhai. I live near the school. So I can go on foot. But I often go by bike. Because that’s fun. My mother is an English teacher. My father works in a science museum. We often play football at 5:30pm. But sometimes we go shopping. I have a new friend, Wu Yifan. He is in Harbin now. I am going to visit him this summer holiday. I am going to fly there. What are you going to do this summer holiday?

Yours, Jack

( )1. _______ writes the letter. A. Mike B. Jack

( )2. Jack is in ________ now. A. Hainan B.Guangdong

( )3. Jack’s home is ______the school. A. not far from B. far from

( )4. Jack is going to Harbin ______. A. by plane B. by ship

( )5. Jack’s mother works in a ________. A. museum B. school



Today is Friday. I’m going to the supermarket this afternoon. I’m going to buy some food and a comic book. Tomorrow morning I ’m going to Guangzhou for a trip. I’m going there by train. I’m going to read my new comic book on the train. The day after tomorrow I’m going to Kunming by plane from Guangzhou. In Kunming , I’m going to see folk dances and eat snack. I’ll be very happy this holiday.

( ) 1. I’m going to take a trip next Friday.

( ) 2 I’m going to buy some food and a comic book tomorrow.

( ) 3. I’m going to Guangzhou by train this morning.

( ) 4. I’m going to Kunming by plane.

( ) 5. I’m going to see modern dances in Kunming.

每空只填一词,每词只用一次。注意大小写的规范哦! to _________ a trip. I am going ________ bike. On _________ morning, I am going to go _________. I am going to buy a ______ T-shirt. In the afternoon, I am going to the library. I want to ________ Harry Porter(<<哈里波特>>)there. ________ the evening, I am going to do my________ after dinner. Then, I’m going to _________TV. That will be nice.


1.A: ___________________________________?

B: I am going to buy a dictionary.

2. A: _____________________________________?

B: Yes, they are going to take a trip this weekend.

3. A: ______________________________?

B: I often go to Sanya by ship.


B: Yes, the cinema is east of the park.

5. A: ____________________________________?

B: My brother is going to the post office at two o’





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