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①play badminton打羽毛球 ② always do your homework总是做家庭作业

③ dry the dishes after supper晚饭后擦干盘子④at the sports store在运动品专卖店

⑤ make lunch 做午饭⑥last week上周⑦ before/after breakfast ⑧ once a year 一年一次

⑨ wake up 起床⑩ twice a month 一月两次(11) lie on the grass 躺在草地上(12) in the sky 在天空 fly in the sky 在天空飞(13) fly a kite 放风筝 make a kite 制作风筝 (14) in summer 在夏天

the different seasons 不同的季节 (16) green leaves 绿色的树叶(17) wear sandals 穿凉鞋

(18) brush my teeth刷牙 (19) go swimming 去游泳(20) this afternoon 今天下午

(21) in the morning/ afternoon / evening在早晨/在下午/在晚上(22)take off脱下 (23)put on穿上

(24) stand up 站起来(25)hurry up 快点(26) jump in 跳入(27)look at flowers看花

(28)call him on the phone 给他打电话(29) go on a trip一次旅行 go on trips 旅行(30)on the beach 在海滩上(31) in the ocean在海洋里 (32)in the lake 在湖里(33) in summer holiday 在暑假

(34)look like 看上去像(35)surprise party惊喜派对 (36)have a party举行一次晚会

(37) at the airport在机场 (38) be good for 对…有好处.(39)an hour 一小时 (40at the gym在体育馆 (41) play with 和…一起(42) arrive at到达(43 be ready to 为….做准备(44) at the door 在门口

(45) ride a bike/by bike 骑自行车(46) would like to 想干什么(47)be late迟到

(48)want to想要干什么(49)like to喜欢干什么(50) watch the game 观看比赛

动词原形及过去式:buy----bought(买) teach----taught(教) think----thought(想) win-----won(赢)

do----did (做) lose----lost(丢失)throw----threw(扔) swim----swam(游泳) have----had (有) lie-----ay (躺) say------said (说) forget-----forgot (忘记) begin------bagin (开始)

bring-----brought (带来)eat----ate (吃)go-----went(去) is \am-----was are-----were

(1) How far is Beijing? ---About nine thousand kilometers. 北京有多远?-大约九千公里。

(2)How long is the tirp? -----It`s eleven hours to Beijing.旅行有多长?--大约十一小时到北京。

(3)How many gifts do you need?--I need eleven gifts. 你需要多少份礼物?--我需要11份礼物。

(4)How nuch are these runners? ------Thirty yuan.这些运动鞋多少钱?----30元。

How much exercise do you need?-----I need about twenty minutes of exercise three times a week.

你需要多少锻炼?-- 我需要一周三次大约20分钟的锻炼。

(5)How ofent do you eat rice?-------Three times a day.你多长时间吃一次米饭?一天三次。

(6)What do you usually eat for lunch?-----Noodles.你午饭经常吃什么?--面条。

(7)Why ? ---Because it`s good for you.为什么? ---因为它对我有好处。

(8)Where did he go ? ---He went to the store.他去哪儿了. ---他去商店了。

(9) What time is it ? ---- - It`s 5 o`clock. 几点了? ----5点钟。

(10) What will you do ? ------I will go to the park.你将要干什么?---我将去公园!

(11) Do you like this T-shirt or that T-shirt? -----I like this T-shirt.

你喜欢这件T血 还是那件T血。---我喜欢这件。

(12)Do you have any runners? ----Yes, I`ll show you.你们有一些运动鞋吗?------有,我拿给你看。

(13)Would you like to learn to play ping-pong?---Yes,I would./Sure.你想学打乒乓球吗?--- 是的,我想。

(14) Can you teach me to play basketball?-------Sure./Yes,I can.你能教我打篮球吗?--------当然可以。

(15)How will they go to the store?------By bike.他们如何去商店? ------骑自行车。

(16)Would you come to a party for Li Ming? ------Sure! 你愿意参加李明的聚会吗?---当然

(17) When does your plane leave,Li Ming? -------At 2:00.李明,你什么时候离开?---------两点。

(18)What does Janny have in her hand?-----She has three flags in her hand.


(19)How many cookies have letters?------Every cookies has letters.


(20)What do you wear to go swimming?-----I wear a swimsuit.



(21)What are they doing?-------They are skipping.他们正在干什么?-------他们正在跳绳。

(22)Where will Jenny go for the summer holiday?-----She will go on a trip to the ocean.


(23)What will you do tomorrow/this summer?-------I will fly a kite./go on a trip to Beijing.

(24)明天/暑假 你将干什么?我将去放风筝/去北京旅行。

(24)How many minutes do you do your homework?-----About thiety minutes.


(25) What is exercise?-----Running is exercise.什么是锻炼?-------跑步是锻炼。

(26)What did you do?------We watched Bob play basketball.你们干什么了?--------我们看Bob打篮球了。

(27)What do you do before supper?------I do my homework.你在晚饭前干什么?-----我做我的家庭作业。 重点句型:(1) I would like to play baskeball with you . 我愿意和你一起打篮球。

(2) How do you make cookies? 如何制作饼干?

(3)I want you to remember China. 我想让你记住中国!

(4) I will fly home in an airplane.我将坐飞机回家。

(5) I will play badminton with my friend.我将和朋友一起打羽毛球。

(6) I will pick some flowers for my mother!我将给我的妈妈摘一些花!

(7) You need to eat foods that are good for you.你需要吃食物那对你有好处。

(8) The cloud looks like an airplane.这朵云看起来像飞机。

(9)We will go on a tirp to the ocean. 我们将去海边旅行。

(11)Sixty minutes make an hours. 60分钟构成1小时。

(12) Walking to school is exercise. 步行上学是一种锻炼。

(15)Everyone wants to be strong and healthy.每个人都想变得更健康强壮。

(16)Ping-pong is my favourite sport. 乒乓球是我最喜欢的运动。

(17) What is your favourite season? 你最喜欢的季节是什么?

(18) Which season do you like best? 你最喜欢哪个季节?

(19)What colour do you like best? 你最喜欢哪个颜色?

(20) Don`t forget to write me. 不要忘了给写信。

(21)I like to wear shorts and sandals.我喜欢穿短袖和凉鞋。

(22)Good food makes your boby healthy.好的食物能使我们的身体健康。

(23)Sometimes I lie on the grass and look at the clouds.有时候我躺在草地上看天上的云朵。

(24) I`m throwing the basketball now.我正在仍篮球。

(27) Li Ming went to the store yesterday. 昨天李明去了商店。

(28) I will run faster than the police officer! 我将比警察跑得快。

(29) My family likes to go on trips in the summer.我们全家夏天去旅行。

(30) I will make things wiith the sand. 我将用沙子制作一些东西。

(32) I want to buy a surprise for Jenny.我想给珍妮一些惊喜。

(33) I like summer. Because I like to swim. 我喜欢夏天因为我喜欢游泳.

(34) Have a good tirp. 祝你旅途愉快。

(35) Your kite looks like a bird.你的风筝看起来像一只鸟。

(36)Do you remember fly kites with me?你还记得和我一起放风筝吗?

(37)I like to skip.我喜欢跳绳。I will like swimming in the ocean.

(38) She is swimming now. 她正在游泳。

(39) Trees have new leaves.树长出了新的叶子。

(40)I will make a sand animal.我将用沙子做一只动物。

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