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( )1.A.turn B. learn C. doctor

( )2.A..traffic B. train C. thank

( )3.A.pear B. ear C. near

( )4.A.always B. tall C. wall

( ) ( )6.A.think B. this C. there

( )7.A.now B. brown C. know

( )8.A.when B. why C. who

( )9.A.many B. what C. any

( )10.A.China B. Christmas C. watch


( )1.A.plane B. ship C. shop

( )2.A.cinema B. near C. bank

( )3.A.your B. you C. our

( )4.AAmerica B. Japan C. Chinese

( )5.A.coming B. comic C. going


1.north(对应词)______________ 2.one(序数词)______________

3.is(否定形式)______________ 4.use(形容词)______________

5.buy(同音词)_______ 6.dictionary(复数)______________

7.city(对应词) 8.have(第三人称单数)___________

9.skate(ing 10.you(名词性物主代词)____________


1.read newspapers______________ 2.这个周末______________


3.one day______________ 4.在星期天下午______________

5.by train______________ 6.午饭后______________

7.pet shop______________ 8.参观长城______________

9.fruit stand______________ 10.鞋店______________


( )1.I think it′s fun _______ on the moon.

A. to walk B. walk C. walks

( )2.I want to go to the pet shop _______the south gate.

A. in B. at C. under

( )3.I turn left_______the traffic lights_______the subway station.

A. at,in front of B. to,in front of C. to,near

( )4.Please come to_______birthday party at 6 pm on Saturday.

A. twelve B. the twelfth C. my twelfth

( )5.-Would you like _______soup? -Yes,please!

A. any B. some C. many

( )6.A. _______you go to supermarket with your mother?

A. Will B. Are C. Does

( )7.Tom_______to music now.

A. listening B. is listening C. listens

( )8.Mike usually_______to work by car.

A. goes B. is going C. go

( )9.They are going to_______bookstore_______this Sunday morning.

A. the,/ B. a,on C. the,on

( )10.The pencil is _______my left hand.

A. in B. on C. wth

( )11.Sarah:How do you go to school? Jim:_______.

A.I go to school by bus. B.I can go buy the No.13bus

C. Yes,I do. D. No,I don′t.

( )12.Tom:How can I get to the bookstore? Zhang:_______. 2

A. You go to school by bike. B. Sure,if you like.

C. You can go by the No.17bus. D. You go to work by train. ( )13.Liu:Excuse me. Where is the library? Policeman:_______.

A. There is a hospital in the middle. B. No,there isn′t.

C. Yes,there is. D. It′s in front of the school. ( )14.Chen:Is your home far from your school? Amy:_______.

A. It′s the post office. B. No, it′s not far.

C. Yes,it′s not. D. It′s on the left.

( )15.Tom:What are you going you do this afternoon?


A. I′m going to the park this afternoon. B. Yes,Here they are.

C. I′m going to buy a book this afternoon. D.I go to school by bike.


1.【pa:k】____________ 2.【fru:t】____________

3.【? ?p 】____________

4.【t ?’gee?】____________ 5.【fut】____________


( )1.Where are you going? A.They are going to climb mountains.

( )2.What are they going to do tomorrow? B.I′m going this afternoon. ( )3.When are you going? C.I am going to the shop. ( )4.Where′s your home? D.By plane.

( )5.Is she cleaning her room? E.No,she′s doing the dishes. ( )6.How does your father go to Canada? F.It′s near the bookstore. ( )7.Do you have comic books? G.Yes,I do.

( )8.Can I help you? H.Yes,Here you are. ( )9.Are you going to take a trip? I.Yes,we are.

( )10.Can I have some noodles? J.Yes,I want a post card.



1. I want____________(be) computer expert.

2. Sunday is the____________(one) day of a week.

3. I have many____________(magazine).

4. I____________(read) a story-book now.

5. Amy____________(watch) TV this evening..

6. My father often____________(go) to work on foot.

7. ____________you____________(buy) a dictionary next week?

8. I have two____________(pair) of shoes.

9. Let′s go ice-skating. That will____________(be) fun.

10. We can ____________(have) breakfast at home.


1. Can I help you?(同义句)


2. I am going to fly kites tomorrow.(一般疑问句)


3. I will go there on foot.(改成否定句)




5. She is going to water the flowers this evening.(用how改写句子)

十一、阅读理解,判断下列句子与短文内容是否相符,用“T”或“F”表示。(10 4


Everyone in Mr Brown′s family is busy this weekend. Mr Brown is going to the Bank in the morning. Mrs Brown is going to buy some food. Their

daughter. Ann is going to do her homework. Ann′s brother Tom is going to play computer games. And then, they′re going to visit Ann and Tom′s.

grandparents in the afternoon. They′re going to by subway because the Brown′s house is far from their home.

( )1. Everyone is busy on the weekend.

( )2. Mr Brown is going to buy some food.

( )3. Mr and Mrs Brown have two children.

( )4.T om has a sister.

( )5. They are going to visit Ann′s grandparents by bus.


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