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同学们,你们好!本次考试包括两部分:听力部分( Listening ) 和读写部分(Reading and writing)。满分100分,考试时间60分钟。每题录音读两遍。请你在听录音前认真阅读题目要求,仔细观察图片。同学们,准备好了吗?我们开始吧!

Listening (听力部分 30分)

一、Listen and number.(听音,标号) (10分)

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


new you school long hair short hair

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

like teacher friend music right

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


( )1.A. What’s in the desk? B. What’s in the bag?

( ) 2. A. We have a new classroom. B. We have a new classmate.

( ) 3. A. Where’s my seat? B. Where’s my chair?

( ) 4. A. We have seven lights. B. We have six lights.

( ) 5. A.It’s near the wall. B. It’s near the door.

Writing (笔试部分 70分)


1、WINDOW_______ 2、QUIET________ 3、PICTURE______

4、PHOTO_______ 5、WHERE________ 6、SCIENCE______

7、NOTEBOOK_______ 8、STORY________ 9、HEAVY______



1、 b_g 2、 b__k 3、 t__cher 4、 fr___d 5、 p__cil 包 书 教 师 朋 友 . 铅 笔

6、 st_d__t 7、 r_ler 8、 g__l 9、 penc_l-case 10、 b_y

学 生 尺子 女孩 铅笔 盒 男孩


window thirteen music Chinese sports door seven

desk twenty-four science math chair fifty English

科 目:___________

数 字:___________

杂 物:___________


( )1、这是我的教室。

A、This is my classroom.

B、That is my classroom.

( )2、你有几本书?

A、How many books do you have?

B、How much are the books?

( )3、我可以看看吗?

A、May I have a look?

B、Let’s me have a look.

( )4、我有一个中国朋友。

A、We have a Chinese friend.

B、I have a good friend.

C、I have a Chinese friend.

( )5、他又高又瘦。

A、She is tall and thin.

B、He is tall and thin.

C、He is strong and tall.


I have a friend.Her name is WangChen.She is ten.She is a girl .She is from ShangHai.She is beatiful.She has big eyes,a small nose,a small mouth and long black hair. She likes English. We are good friends.

( )1、WangChen is a boy.

( )2、She is twelve.

( )3、She is from ShangHai.

( )4、She has a big mouth.

( )5、She likes English very much.


一、1、Sweep the floor. 2、Put your book on your head.

3、Painting. 4、Open the door.

5、Listen to music.

二、1、you 2、long hair 3、new

4、like 5、teacher 6、school

7、short hair 8、music 9、right

三、1、What’in the bag?

2、We have a new classroom?

3、Where’s my seat?

4、We have six lights.

5、It’s near the wall.


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