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(二)结构 was/were +doing (现在分词)

(1)We were watching TV from seven to nine last night.


(2)My brother fell while he was riding his bicycle and hurt himself.


(3)It was raining when they left the station. 他们离开车站的时候天正在下雨。

(4)When I got to the top of the mountain, the sun was shining. 当我到达山顶的时候,阳光灿烂。

(5)What was she doing at nine o'clock yesterday? 昨天晚上九点她在做什么?

(6)When I saw him he was decorating his room. 当我看见他的时候他正在装饰房间。

(7)He was cleaning his car while I was cooking.他擦车时我在做饭。

when 和while的用法区别


when是at or during the time that, 既指时间点,也可指一段时间;

while是during the time that,只指一段时间,因此when引导的时间状语从句中的动词可以是终止性动词,也可以是延续性动词,而while从句中的动词必须是延续性动词。


1. I ______ cooked a meal when you _____ me.

a. cooked, were ringing b. was cooking, rang c. was cooking, were ringing d. cooked, rang

2. He said he _____ to draw a plane on the blackboard at that time.

a. tries b. tried c. was trying d. will try

3. While she ______ TV, she ______ a sound outside the room.

a. was watching, was hearing b. watched, was hearing c. watched, heard d. was watching, heard

4. They _____ a football game from 7 to 9 last night.

a. were watching b. watch c. watched d. are watching

5. What book ____ you ______ when I ____ you at four yesterday afternoon?

a. did, read, was seeing b. did, read, saw c. were, reading, saw d. were, reading, was seeing

6. While mother _______ some washing, I _____ a kite for Kate.

a. did, made b. was doing, made c. was doing, was making d. did, was making

7. When I got home, my son _____ the music.

A am listening to B listened to C was listening to D was listening

8. We heard a cry when we ______ TV last night.

A were watching B would watch C watch D watched

9. Was it raining hard when you _____ this morning?

A left B leaves C was leaving D would leave

10. The teacher ______ when I came into the classroom.

A is drawing B draws C has drawn D was drawing

二、 用动词的适当形式填空。

1. While we __________ (wait) for the bus, a girl __________ (run) up to us.

2. I __________ (telephone) a friend when Bob __________ (come) in.

3. Jim __________ (jump) on the bus as it __________ (move) away.


4. We __________ (test) the new machine when the electricity __________ (go) off.

5. She __________ (not want) to stay in bed while the others ________________ (all, work) in the fields.

6. While mother ________ (put) Cathy to bed, the door bell ________ (ring).

7. As I __________ (walk) in the park, it __________ (begin) to rain.

8. She _____ (make) her dress the whole afternoon.

9. What _____ you ___ (do) at that time? We _____ (watch) TV.


1. Kate was reviewing her lessons at eight last night. (改为一般疑问句,做肯,否回答,对划线部分提问)

3.He ran in the park .(用at this time yesterday改写)

4.They were playing computer games at nine last night.( 对划线部分提问)

5.I was reading a novel at three yesterday afternoon.( 对划线部分提问)

6. We were having a PE class at four yesterday afternoon.(改为否定句)

We _______ ________ a PE class at four yesterday afternoon.



They______ _______ volleyball at that time.


_______ he_______ TV when you came back?


_______ _______ he ________ for you at noon yesterday?


He _______ _______ over that problem when I left.


While they _______ _______ the floor, the teacher came in.


1. _____ he _____ to the park at 6:30 in the morning? No,he _____ .

A. Does; goes; does B. Does; go; doesn’t C. Does; go; does

2. What colour _____ you _____ this bookcase? I _____ it pink.

A. are; going to paint; am going to paint

B. do; paint; paint

C. did; paint; painted


3. Tim always _____ a picture at home. He _____ a car now.

A. draws; is drawing B. draw; draw C. draws; draw

4. She usually _____ her friends. They often _____ tea.

A. see; drink B. sees; drinks C. sees; drink

5. He usually _____ the dishes at night, but tonight he _____ clothes.

A. wash; wash B.washes; is going to wash

C. is washing; washes

6. Mr. Green usually _____ his newspaper in the evening, but he and his wife _____ television yesterday evening.

A.reads; watches B.reads; is going to watch C.reads; watched

7. Where are the man and the woman? They _____ near the tree.

A. sit B. sat C. are sitting

8. _____ your penpal _____ diving? No, he _____ .He ______ writing stories.

A. Does; like; doesn’t; likes

B. Does; likes; doesn’t; like

C. Do; like; don’t; likes

9. _____ you _____ fishing yesterday? No, we _____ .

A. Does; go; doesn’t B. Did; go; didn’t C. Do; go; don’t

10. Open the window, Please. Look! He _____ it.

A. opens B. is openning C. is opening

11. I usually _____ some milk every day. But I _____ coffee yesterday.

A. drink; drank B. is drinking; drink C. drank; am drinking

12. Mr. Green often _____ his newspapers at night. But he _____ an interesting book tonight.

A. reads; reads B. reads; read C. reads; is going to read

13. The old man _____ playing sports in the park. He _____ morning exercise now.

A. likes; is doing B. likes; does C. like; doing

14. What _____ you usually _____ in the evening? I ______ computer games.

What _____ you _____ last night? I _____ a book.

A. do; do; play B. did; do; played C. does; do; plays

did; do; read do; do; read do; do; am reading

15. Where ______ the boy _____ ? He _____ across the river now.

A. does; swim; swims B. is; swimming; is swimming

C. is; swimming; is swimming

16. _____ you _____ to music now? Yes, we _____ .

A. Do; listen; do B. Did; listen; did C. Are; listening; are

17. Put on you coat, please. OK. I ______ it on.

A. am putting B. am going to put C. put

18. _____ you ______ coffee? Yes, I ______ .

A. Do; like; do B. Did; like; did C. Are; like; am

19. Look! Two cats ______ across the wall.

A. run B. runs C. are running

20. She _____ tea, but he _____ .

A. likes; doesn’t B; like; don’t C. like; doesn’t

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