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第八课 冠词

冠词是一种辅助性的词,不可在句中独立担任一个成分。冠词有不定冠词(a, an)和定冠词(the)两种。a和an的基本含义是“一,一个”,表示泛指,不强调数目观念,只表示名词不是特定的;the的基本含义是“这个,那个”,表示特指。



辅音字母开头:a tree, a university, a house, a European country, a one-eyed man 元音或半元音开头:an apple, an umbrella, an hour, an elephant, an opera


1.如果不定冠词后面第一个词以元音字母u开头就用a。例如university, useless, useful, unit, uniform。

2.如果不定冠词后面第一个词以不发音的h开头,而h后面第一个音的音素是元音因素,就用an。例如hour, honest。

3.如果不定冠词和名词前有其他词,不定冠词的形式仍取决于它后面第一个词的语音形式。例如an actress, a beautiful actress。


dictionary is useful book.

underground train can start and stop quickly.

This is book.

He used to be engineer.

boy is waiting for me.

Give me pen, please.

Behind the house there is garden.

once week.

few, little, lot of, number of, just minute, in hurry, for while, for long time, cup of, bottle of, have rest, have talk, have fever, have good time, have(take) walk, have toothache, take bath, give lesson




in the 1980s 20世纪80年代

in the nineteenth century 二十世纪

girl in red is my sister.

man over there is our English teacher.

book on the desk is mine.

Here is a picture of a modern car factory. My father works in factory.

The Nile is longest river in the world.

He won first prize.

The sun rises in east.

rich, sick, new , false

第八课 冠词

Great Wall

People’s Republic of China

the United Nations

the Netherlands

North China Plain

Rocky Mountains

Yangtse River

The sun rises in the east, and sets in the west. 太阳从东边升起,从西边落下 Jiangxi lies in the south of China. 江西位于中国的南方。

in the morning(/afternoon/evening), in the day, by the way, on the whole, the next morning, all the year around, the other day, at the same time

He often plays the piano at five in the afternoon. 他常在下午五点弹钢琴。

Can you play the violin? 你会拉小提琴吗?


China, Beihai Park

The letter is from my father.

I have a book in my hand.

Horses are useful animals.

I like cakes.

Today is Sunday.

Spring is the best season in the year.

Children’s Day

go to school , be in hospital, be in prison

I like to play basketball.

We have lunch at school.

(1)在school, college, university, hospital, prison, church, class, table, bed等表示机构名称、组织名称和家具的名词前,用定冠词和用不定冠词意义有差异。用定冠词强调处所,而不用定冠词意义有所引申。比较:

at table 就餐

at the table 坐在桌边

go to school 去上学

go to the school 去这个学校

in hospital 住院

in the hospital 在这家医院

go to prison (违法而)进监狱

go to the prison 到监狱

go to church 做礼拜

第八课 冠词

go to the church 到教堂

in class 在课堂上

in the class 在班级里


a little/few 有一点

little/few 几乎没有

a number of 许多

the number of ??的数目

in front of 在??前面

in the front of 在??前部

take place 发生

take the place of 代替

out of the question 根本不可能

out of question 没有问题

the most beautiful 最漂亮

most beautiful 非常漂亮

for a moment 片刻

for the moment 暂时


1 There is “h” in “photo”.

A. a,a B. an,the C. the,an D. an,an

2 She is honest girl.

A. an B. a C. / D. the

3 He goes to school after .

A. / B. the C. an D. a

4 —Does Jim have _______ ruler?

—Yes,he has _______ .

A.an;some B.a;one C.a;/ D.any;one

5 This is ____ interesting book and it is also ____ useful one.

A. an; an B. an; the C. an; a D. a; a

6 A computer is ____useful tool in ____ world today.

A. an; the B. a; the C. the; the D. a; a

7 Now he is ___ artist. 1 have known him since he was ___ one-year-old boy.

A. a; an B. a; a C. an; an D. an; a

8 There is____ bridge over there. ____ bridge is made of wood.

A. the; The B. a; A C. the; A D. a; The

9 She saw____ English film last Sunday. But she can not remember ____ name of ___ film.

A. an; a; a B. a; the; a C. an; the; a D. an; the; the

10 He takes a bath in____evening.

A. the B. / C. a


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