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2012级五年专英语期末复习提纲和复习试卷120份 许雅玲

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12级 五年专 英语专业期末复习试卷

I. 词汇(10分)

1. ___________信函 6. send ___________

2. ___________帮助 7. understand___________ 3. ___________听到 8. find ___________ 4. ___________经常 9. angry___________ 5. ___________小时 10. number___________

II. 单项选择(30分)

( )1. Are the ____________ like to play basketball here?

A. child B. children C. childs

( )2. Is this a pen?


A. Yes, it is. B.Yes, I am. C. No,it is.

( )3.David is writing a letter___________ Jane.

A.to B. of C. for

( )4. Everyting _________ strange to me.

A. am B. were C. was

( )5.— What’s this?


A. apples. B. It’s a dog. C. It’s not dog.

( )6.I am always __________ to my friends.

A.a friend B. \ C.friendly

( )7. We don’t go to the school___________ weekends. A.on B. in C .at ( )8.She is glad_________QuanZhou.

A.to come B. come C. to come to ( )9. I always get _________ at 6:00.

A. on with B.up C.to

( )10.What ___________is it?It’s9:00.

A.number B. time C. \color

( )11.I am delighted__________ you.

A.\ B.to hear from C. hear

( )12.September is the__________ month of a year.

A.eight B.nine C.ninth

( )13. There are ___________rooms.

A.one B.first C.six

( )14.___________ of the apples are in the basket.

A.four fifth B. fourth fives C. four fifths ( )15.We sometimes practice____________ skills.

A.cook B.to cook C.cooking

( )16.Let’s go_____________ around QuanZhou.

A.sightseeing B.sight C.seeing

( )17.A month _____ , I came to Beijing.

A.later B.ago C.after

( )18.Not matter what to do,just do it ____________.

A .in time B.at time C.on time

( )19. Students always are __________ their works.

A. busy B. busy with C. busy to

( )20.I am looking forward to ___________ you.

A.see B.seeing C.sees

( )21. I ___________a taxi to school yesterday.

A.take B. took C. takes

( )22. The teacher ask the students _______ study hard. A.in B. on C. to ( )23. She was late. She __________ to the company. A.hurry B. hurried C. hurrying ( )24. He is leaving ________the airport. A.at B. for C. to

( )25. They _________ great concern __________ my life.

A. show, of B. show, about C. shows, about

( )26. It’s time __________ get up. A.of B.in C.to ( )27. You should ___________ a taxi.

A.by B. on C. take

( )28. ____________ are you getting along?

A.What B.How C. When

( )29.You have a __________ message.

A.test B.text C. texting

( )30.__________ the help of you, everyting is going ___________. A.To, good B.With, good C.With,well III.完形填空(10分)

Cars were invented in the last century. Today they have touched the lives of everyone in the United States. Most Americans feel that they are poor when they have cars.

Why are cars widely used in the United States? Here are three reasons.

is very large and Americans enjoy trips here and there.


With cars they can go anywhere easily.

The second reason is trains have never been as common(普通)in the United States as they are in other parts of the world. What’s more, Americans have to a lot of money traveling .

The third is the most important one. Americans don’t like to buses or trains or even planes.

They like cars  ( )1. A. no B. some C. many ( )2. A. First of all B. All the first C. The firstly ( )3. A. country B. people C. way ( )4. A. to have B. making C. to make ( )5. A. why B. where C. that ( )6. A. cost B. spend C. take ( )7. A. by a plane B. by plane C. by planes ( )8. A. thing B. matter C. reason ( )9. A. wait for B. work on C. wait on ( )10A. because B. before C. after



Water is the "life blood" of our earth. It is in every living thing. It is in the air. It runs through mountains and valleys. It forms lakes and seas. Nature has a great water system(系统).Rainwater finds its way to rivers and lakes. River water runs into the sea. At the mouths of the rivers, fresh water joins the salt water of the sea.

Here at the mouth of a river there is much important plant and animal life. But pollution destroys this life. We have to clean our rivers. Man has to work with nature, not against it. ( )1.Water is like________.

A. clouds B. blood C. life

( )2. ________ is in every living thing.

A. Blood B. Water C. Salt

( )3. ________The mouth of a river is near _________.

A. the sea B. a lake C. a mountain

( )4. There is much plant and animal life at the _________ of a river.

A. head B. top C. mouth

( )5.We have to ________ our rivers.

A. find B. clean C. pollute


When you are in Hongkong, you must be very careful in the streets because the traffic drives on the left. It is different from that in other areas of China. If you are the first time to come to Hongkong, you must look to the right side and then the left before you cross the street.

If the traffic lights are red, the traffic must stop. Then people on foot can cross the road carefully. But if the traffic lights are green, the traffic can go. People on foot mustn't cross.

When people go to or come from work in the morning and evening, the streets are very busy. Traffic is the most dangerous then, especially for the children.

When you go by bus in Hongkong, you have to be careful, too. You must always remember the traffic moves on the left. So you must be careful. Have a look first, or you will go the wrong way.

In Hongkong, there are many big buses with two floors you can sit on the second floor.

From there you can see the view of the whole city①

well. It's very interesting. Notes:

1.the view of the whole city 城市的全景

Read the passage and mark (T) for True or (F) for False to each statement.( 阅读短文,判断正(T)误(F)。)

( )1.The traffic in Hongkong drives on the right.

( )2.The traffic in Hongkong is the same as that in other areas of China. ( )3.If the traffic lights are green, the traffic can go.

( )4.You can sit on the first floor and see the view of the whole city.

( )5.According to the passage we know we must obey the traffic rules in Hongkong.


Most people in the USA, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Canada speak English as a first language. However, English is spoken all over the world: it is the main (主要的) language in more than 60 countries, such as India, Singapore and in many of the Caribbean (加勒比) and Pacific (太平洋) islands. In these places English is often a second language.

English is also uesd as an important international language in many other countries, like China and Japan. People in these countries use it for business, and travellers to these countries use English when they get there. Other people may learn English because they enjoy reading books in English, listening to British or American music and watching American films.

English has changed a lot over the years and still goes on changing. It is no longer right to talk about British English or American English if the speakers come or don’t come from those countries. People in Japan or Korea, for example, may use the American spelling but may not sound like Americans, English will be the most widely used language in the world in the 21st century. This language no longer belongs to only British, American or Australian speakers, It belongs to anyone in the world. So, as a high school student of English today, think about how you can use this language. After you leave school, you will almost certainly need it. 根据短文内容,选择最佳答案。

( )1. How many countries use English as a first language in the world?

A. Five B. Four C. Three D. Six

( )2. In which other countries is English spoken as a main language?

A. Britain, the USA, Australia.

B. India, Singapore and many of the Carbbean and Pacific islands. C. China, Japan.


D. Over 60 countries.

( )3. People from other countries learn English for _________.

A. passing exams

B. business and traveling

C. reading English books and enjoying English music and films D. both B and C

( )4. If people in Japan or Korea use American spelling, they ____________.

A. will speak the same as Americans B. may not sound like Americans C. will speak British English D. will speak English much betten

( )5. Which title is the best for the passage?

A. A First Language In The World B. A Seoond Language In The World C. English Around The World D. A Useful Language

V. 补全对话(从下面选择五项,多出两项) (10分) Li Hua and Gao Ming are talking about yao Ming.

Li Hua: Hey, there will be a basketball match on TV tonight. Yao Ming plays.

Gao Ming: __________________, because I must finish my homework earlier.But can you tell

me more about Yao?I am very interested in him.

Li hua: Well, he is the first Asian to play in NBA .And he plays there as one the best centers. Gao ming: Wow.I believe he can do it as well as the American players. Li Hua: _________,he can.

Gao Ming: Where did he play in China? Li Hua: Shanghai Sharks. Gao Ming: ________________. Li Hua: He plays in Rocket now.

Gao Ming: I see. He is a famous star in his field now.

Li Hua: Yes.But Yao Ming never cares about it .___________. One day I saw him playing basketball with children. ________________.

A. I’m afraid I have to miss it B. Of course C. That’s OK.

D. He is very friendly.

E. And whom does he play for now? F. He is very kind. H.I don’t care.

VI. 书面表达(10分)

以My Best Friend为题写一篇80个字左右的小短文





1. There are sixty classrooms, eighteen labs and many teachers’ rooms in this

building._______________________________________________________________ 2. They are over seventy and both of them are retired workers.

_______________________________________________________________ 3. She is popular with her students.

_______________________________________________________________ 4. They always help us do a lot of housework.

_______________________________________________________________ 5. Her classes are always lively and interesting.

_______________________________________________________________ 6. They are all kind to us.

_______________________________________________________________ 7. My family is full of love and warmth.

_______________________________________________________________ 8. When I got to this school, everything was strange to me.

_______________________________________________________________ 9. They show great concern about my life and study.


10. On weekends, I often go to have classes of the Chinese language or go sightseeing around the

great and beautiful city of Beijing.

_______________________________________________________________ 11. I had enough time to do something before leaving for the airport..

_______________________________________________________________ 12. When we were playing in great joy, I suddenly remembered my grandpa.

_______________________________________________________________ 13. How terrible it was!

_______________________________________________________________ 14. I know you are busy with your work and study.

_______________________________________________________________ 15. Ordering food from a restaurant is a way to save time.

_______________________________________________________________ 16. Some kinds of American food have now become more and more popular in China.

_______________________________________________________________ 17. In the fields, everything begins to grow.

_______________________________________________________________ 18. Trees turn green and flowers start to come out.

_______________________________________________________________ 19. Farmers are happy with their good harvest in autumn.


20. I looked around and found all the passengers just drinking coffee and looking at the dark screen.


21. It is clear that the trouble doesn’t come from the computer but the person who works on it.

_______________________________________________________________ 22. Life is full of challenges.

_______________________________________________________________ 23. But he never gave up and went on to finish school.


24. Now he is very active in teaching English and helping children who are out of school.


25. One day, his farther gave him a bag of nails and told him to hammer a nail into the fence every

time he lost his temper.


26. The days passed and the young boy was finally able to tell his father that all the nails were gone.

_______________________________________________________________ 27. The father took his son by the hand and led him to the fence.

_______________________________________________________________ 28. He kept on running and running.

_______________________________________________________________ 29. Why do people still think of running a marathon?


30. The important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning ,but taking part.



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