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一、每个单元Read and write部分的四会句子,共24句,必须背熟并默写,牢固掌握。

(1) This is my computer. 这是我的计算机。

(2) That is your computer. 那是你的计算机。

(3) Is this a teacher’s desk? 这是一张讲台吗?

(4) Yes,it is. 是的,它是。

(5) What time is it? 现在是什么时间?

(6) It’s two o’clock. 现在是两点钟。

(7) It’s 9:45. 现在是9点45分。

(8) It’s time for math class. 是数学课的时间了。

(9) Is this your T-shirt? 这是你的T恤衫吗?

(10) No,it’s not. 不,它不是。

(11) What colour is it? 它是什么颜色?

(12) It’s white. 它是白色的。

(13) It’s warm today. 今天是暖和的。

(14) Let’s play football. 让我们一起踢足球。

(15) It’s cool. 它是凉爽的。

(16) Is it cold? 它是寒冷的吗?

(17) How much is it? 它要多少钱? .......

(18) It’s ten yuan. 它要10元钱。

(19) How much are they? 它们要多少钱? .......

(20) They’re three yuan. 它们要3元钱。 .......

(21) Are they ducks? 它们是鸭子吗?

(22) No,they aren’t. 不,它们不是。

(23) How many horses are there? 在那儿有多少匹马? .......

(24) Twelve. 有12匹。


(1) Welcome to our school! 欢迎来到我们的学校。

(2) How many students are there in your class? 在你们班里有.......


(3) Do you have a library? 你们有一个图书馆吗?

(4) Do you have lunch at school? 你们在学校吃午饭吗?

(5) The canteen is on the first floor. 食堂在第一层楼的上面。

(6) This way ,please. 这边请。

(7) We have a new computer room. 我们有一个新的计算机教室。

(8) Let’s go and have a look. 让我们去看一看。

(9) School is over. Let’s go to the playground. 放学了。让我们一起去操场。

(10) What time is it now? 现在是什么时间?

(11) Breakfast is ready! 早餐已经准备好了!

(12) Can I have a try? 我可以试一试吗?

(13) I like the white sweater with the green skirt. 我喜欢....


(14) Whose is this? 这是谁的? .....

(15) It’s your baby brother’s! 它是你的婴儿弟弟的!

(16) Please pass me my T-shirt. 请把我的T恤衫递给我。

(17) These are your baby pants. 这些是你婴儿时的长裤。

(18) But what for? 但是为什么?

(19) Our neighbour has a new baby! 我们的邻居有一个新的小孩! ...

(20) I have a new dress for my birthday party. 我有一条新的连衣裙为我的生日聚会。

(21) We have a show today. 我们今天有一场表演。

(22) What’s in your schoolbag? 你的书包里面有什么?

(23) Just wait and see. 等一下就知道了。

(24) It looks like a fish. 它看起来像一条鱼。

(25) It’s your turn now. 现在轮到你了。

(26) On Monday, I go to my English class. 在星期一,我去上..


(27) Can I wear my new shirt today? 今天我可以穿我的新衬衫吗?

(28) No, you can’t. 不,你不可以穿。

(29) You can wear your new shirt. 你可以穿你的新衬衫。

(30) Yes , you can. 是的,你可以穿。

(31) Where are my shoes? 我的鞋子在哪里? ...

(32) They are on your feet. 它们在你的脚上。 ....

(33) Here’s the world weather. 这里是世界天气。

(34) It is rainy in London. 在伦敦是下雨的。

(35) What are you doing? 你正在干什么? ..

(36) Not much. 没什么。

(37) What’s the weather like in Beijing? 在北京的天气怎么样?

(38) How about New York? 纽约的天气怎么样?

(39) What’s the matter? 发生什么事了?

(40) I have to ......close the window. 我必须去关窗户了。

(41) Let’s make a snowman. 让我们一起堆雪人。

(42) What’s the weather like there? 那儿的天气怎么样?

(43) Look at that dress. It’s pretty. 看着那条连衣裙。它是漂亮的。

(44) How much is that colourful dress? 那条色彩丰富的连衣裙.......


(45) Can I help you? 需要我帮忙吗?

(46) How much is this dress? 这条连衣裙要多少钱? .......

(47) This shirt is colourful, but it’s too big. 这件衬衫是...


(48) It fits me well. 它很适合我。

(49) Yes. I want a pair of sneakers. 是的。我想要一双球鞋。 .......

(50) A pair of sneakers for my son. 为我的儿子买一双球鞋。

(51) What size? 什么尺码?

(52) Are they nice? 它们好看吗?

(53) Are they all right? 它们合适吗?

(54) Yes, they are. 是的,它们是。

(55) What are they? 它们是什么?

(56) They are goats. 它们是山羊。

(57) This farm is so big. 这个农场这么大。

(58) Are they sheep? 它们是绵羊吗? .....

(59) Look at the hens. They are fat. 看着母鸡。它们是肥的。

(60) How many .......cows do you have? 你有多少头奶牛?

(61) What do you see in the picture? 在图片里你看见什么?

(62) What are those? 那些是什么? .....

(63) How many geese can you see? 你能看见多少只鹅? .....

(64) What are these? 这些是什么? .....

(65) Look at the cucumbers. They’re fresh! 看着黄瓜。它们是新鲜的!

(66) Are these tomatoes? 这些是西红柿吗?

(67) Are those cucumbers? 那些是黄瓜吗?

(68) How many sheep .....are there? 在那儿有多少只绵羊?

(69) Let’s have a picnic tomorrow. 让我们明天去举行野餐。

(70) Tomorrow will be warm and sunny. 明天将是暖和的和晴朗的。

(71) What do you want to bring? 你想要带什么?

(72) I want to make a salad. 我想要制作一份沙拉。

(73) Let’s go shopping. 让我们去买东西。

(74) What do you have? 你有什么?

(75) They want to share the food. 它们想要分享食物。

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