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Module 2Unit 1
Chiantown in Americ .
SD W F Bohai xia o lin g p rim a ry sc h o o l Zhang

A game : What's coming and missing ?

square dancing




Look and talk :

There is a Chinatown in New York .

Look and talk :

There are lots of Chinese shops


Look and talk

There are lots of Chinese restaurants .

Look and talk :

There is Chinese dancing .

Listen and mark .
听录音,当你听到含有 There are 和 There is 的句 子时,在句子底下划横线

Try to master :
There be 表示的是某地有某物 结构为: there be + 某物 + 某地 (有 时候地点会省略) 确定be动词用is还是are,取决于跟在 后面的某物,如果是不可数名词或者 可数名词单数就用is ,如果是可数名词 复数就用are ;如果紧跟后面的某物有 不止一个时,由第一个事物的形式来 决定be 的形式。叫就近一致原则。

沙场练兵 There is There are There is

an apple on the desk . 34 pupils in our class . some milk in the bottle .

There are three boys and a girl here .

There is a cat and lots of birds in the tree .

Listen and answer .
1.What's in New York ? There's Chinatown in New York . There are lots of Chinese shops and restaurants . 2 .Does Daming miss China ? Yes , he does .

Listen and repeat . 听录音并且跟读。


Homework. 用there be 句型描述你的家里或 者教室里有什么。做五个句子。

There is 。。。。。。 . Ther are 。。。。。。 .

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