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unit4 i have a pen pal partB let's learn

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What’s your hobby ? I like ….

I live

(居住) in Xi’an.

She lives (居住) in Nanjing .

go to work I __________(上班) by bike. goes to work She ____________ (上班)by bus.

teach I ________(教)English.

She teaches ______(教) English,too.

watch TV I__________(看电视)at night.
watches TV She ___________ (看电视)at night,too.

read newspaper I______________(读报纸) in the evening. She reads newspaper ______________(读报纸) in the morning.

? ? ? ? ?

live------lives(居住,住) teach-----teaches(教) go-----goes(去) watch---watches(看) read---reads ( 读,看)

? ? ? ? ?

lives lives z z z goes goes z z z reads reads z z z teaches teaches iz iz iz watches watches iz iz iz

live go watch
in Beijing.

lives goes

in Shanghai.

to work on foot.

to work by car.

TV at night.

watches TV in the morning.


He teaches Chinese every day. teach English every day. She
Newspapers every day.

reads Newspaper every day.

to school by

bike .


to school by bike.

当主语是第三人称单数的时候, 动词就得变化。一般加”s”,如: like—likes live—lives read—reads ride —rides 以o / ch / sh / s / x结尾, play —plays 加”es”: do—does go—goes wash—washes teach—teaches watch—watches

?写出下列动词的第 三 人称单数形式
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?



read – look – work – say – run – go – do – watch – teach – have –

reads looks works says runs goes does watches teaches has

? ?



一般现在时动词第三人称 单数的变化规则 1. 一般情况下,动词后直 接加s. Eg:works, gets, reads等. 2. 以s,x,ch,sh或o结 尾的动词,在后面加es Eg:goes, teaches, watches等。 动词have遇在主语是第三 人称单数时,have改为 has,如:He has an interesting book .

Guess stars.
He often goes on long trips. He usually goes to big cities by plane. His songs are very beautiful. He likes buying expensive clothes. He likes eating fruits too. He is very heavy. Maybe he doesn’t often do sports

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