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Where are the books about comeputers ,please?
Amy: Look, lingling.Here’ s our new computer. Mum bought it.
Lingling: Amy :

Mmm, it ’s very nice .
I want to make an e-card for Mum. Can you help me?


Sorry, I’m not good at it.

Let ’s go to the library. We can find a Amy : book about e-mail there.
At the Library

Excuse me. Where are the books about Amy : computers, please? Librarian :They are on Shalf C.

Amy : I think this book is good.

Lingling :And there is also a CD-ROM in it.
Librarian : Can I have your library card, please? Amy : Yes. Here you are.

Librarian : Please bring back the book in two week ’s

Amy : Yes. We will.

The Next Day Amy : Look, Look Mum. We can use our computer
now. Here is a card for you.

Ms Smart: Thank you very much. You're so clever!

Let’s go to the library. We can find a book about computers there.

Lingling : It’s easy with a computer!
Amy: Where are the books about computers, please? Librarian : They are on Shelf C.

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