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1. 在星期六(早上): on Saturday (morning)

2. 在公园里: in the park

3. 他只有四岁吗? Is he only four years old?

4. 有许多问题: have a lot of questions

5. 问(一些)问题: ask (some) questions

6. 一些公共标志: some public signs

7. 一些关于他们的问题: some questions about them

8. 表示不同的东西: mean different things

9. 墙上的标志: the sign on the wall

10. 远离这栋建筑物: stay away from the building

11. 远离草坪: Keep off the grass

12. 在草地上走: walk on the grass

13. 鸟笼: the birds’ cage / the bird’s cage

14. 制造噪音: make noise

15. 知道许多关于公共标志: know a lot about public signs

16. 看一些公共标志: look at some public signs

17. 散步: take a walk

18. 突然: suddenly

19. 草地上的某个东西: something on the grass

20. 一张10元钞票: a ten-yuan note

21. 附近的妇女: the woman nearby

22. 环顾四周: look around

23. 走向: come up to / walk to

24. 捡起它们: pick them up

25. 指向: point to

26. 黑板上写着: the blackboard says

27. 穿绿毛衣的男孩: the boy in the green sweater

28. 早餐想要吃面包: want bread for breakfast

Unit 2

1. 一个新学生: a new student

2. 住在Ben的附近: live near Ben

3. 一起回家: go home together

4. 放学后: after school

5. 拜访他们: visit them

6. 和他谈论我的生日: talk about my birthday with him

7. 今天是几月几号? What date is it today?

8. 在10月31号: on the thirty-first of October / on the 31st of October

9. 我的生日快到了。My birthday is coming soon.

10. 你想要来我的生日派对吗? Would you like to come to my birthday party?

11. 举办一场生日派对: have a birthday party

12. 作为生日礼物: as a birthday present

13. 一张日本卡通光盘: a VCD of Japanese cartoons

14. 让我们等等看: Let’s wait and see

15. 一块有许多葡萄的蛋糕: a cake with a lot of grapes

16. 在Ben的生日派对上: at Ben’s birthday party

17. 在电话里: on the phone

18. 在桌上的一块大蛋糕: a big cake on the table

19. 门铃响了。The doorbell’s ringing

20. 给一些卡通给Ben: give some cartoons to Ben

21. 脱下戏服: take off the costume

22. 吹灭蜡烛: blow out the candles

23. 吃蛋糕的时间到了: It’s time for some cake.

24. 制作一张生日卡片给他: make a birthday card for him

25. 中国的新年要到了。Chinese New Year is getting near.

Unit 3

1. 所有的学生: all the students

2. 非常兴奋: very excited

3. 看跑步比赛: watch the running race

4. 想要照些照片: want to take some photos

5. 找到他们: find them

6. 让我照些照片: let me take some photos

7. 一会儿之前: a moment ago

8. 看电影: watch a film

9. 刚才: just now

10. 在地面上: on the ground

11. 帮我捡起它们: pick them up for me

12. 告诉她妈妈体育运动日的事: tell her mum about Sports Day

13. 教我们英语: teach us English

14. 一些东西的名字: the names of some of the things

15. 一部手机: a mobile phone

16. 两本日记本: two diaries

17. 两个随身听: two walkmans

18. 听音乐: listen to music

19. 试着记住: try to remember

20. 在那边的梨树下: under the pear tree over there

21. 有多少学生在一月份过生日: How many students have their birthdays in January?

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