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2013年-2014年北沙城小学第一学期五年级上册英语期中考试卷 班级: 姓名: 分数:


(A)睁大眼睛把不同类者“抓”出来。(每空2分,共10分) ( ) 1. A. police officer B. driver C. nurse D. bus ( ) 2. A. go B. family C. work D. walk ( ) 3. A. cousin B. uncle C. old D. aunt ( ) 4. A. the U.K. B. the U.S. C. Chinese D. China (B) 写出下列短语(句子)的汉语意思。(每空2分,共18分) 1. capital city__________ 2. Buckingham Palace________ 3. watch a movie________ 4. a map of Canada _________ 5. Tian’anmen Square__________ 6. wear glasses_____________ 7. short hair______________ 8. go for a walk _____________ (C)用所给单词的适当形式填空。(每空1分,共5分) 1. The boy is _______(tall) than Jenny.

2. We go to the restaurant to _____(have) lunch. 3. My family _____(like) to go for a walk in the evening. 4. What colour _______(be) her eyes? 5. How _____(do) you go to school?

二、从第Ⅱ 栏中选出与第Ⅰ栏问句相对应的答语(选项不能重复)。(共16分)

( )1. What does your family like to do? A. They are tall and handsome. ( ) 2. How does she go to school? B. They are doctors. ( ) 3. What do they do? C. She walks to school. ( ) 4. Is Beijing the capital city of China? D. I’m 24 years old. ( ) 5. How old are you? E. Yes, it is.

( ) 6. Where does your aunt work? F. It is red, white and blue. ( ) 7. What do they look like? G. She works in a restaurant. ( ) 8. What colour is the U.K.’s flag? H. We go to the zoo to watch tigers. 三、选择最佳答案。(每空2分,共16分) 1. My uncle’s daughter is my ___________.

A. aunt B. brother C. cousin 2. How many people in your family _______glasses?

A. wears B. wear C. are wearing 3. –What is it ______ English? -- It’s the Palace Museum. A. to B. in C. on 4. The president of the U.S. lives in _____________.

A. the White House B. Buckingham Palace C. the Palace Museum 5. I’m eleven years old. Tom is older than me. He is ____years old. A. eleven B. twelve C. ten 6. They _______English in the U.K.

A. talk B. speak C. say 7. – How many stars are there on China’s flag? - _________. A. There are fifteen. B. There are five. C. There are fifty. 8. She likes to go ____ a walk _____the evening.

A. with; at B. for; at C. for; in

四、 情景交际。 (A)选择方框中所给句子完成下列对话(只选序号)。 (每空2分,共8分)

A:______________________________ B:It’s a map of the U.K.

A: _______________________________ B: London.

A: _______________________________ B: It’s red, white and blue.

A: _____________________________ B: English.

A: _______________________________ B: Yes.

( B ) 下面是打乱顺序的一段对话,请按先后顺序重新排列。(共4分) ( )Three. My father, my mother and I. ( ) My name is Tom. ( ) What’s your name?

( ) How many people are there in your family?


This is a picture of my family. My grandmother is eighty years old. She has gray hair and glasses. My father is a doctor. He often drives to work. My mother is a nurse. She is younger than my father. This is my uncle, a police officer. He is taller than my father. He has short and straight hare. He likes to play badminton. I like to play football. We are different.

( ) 1. There are four people in my family. ( )2. My uncle is taller than my father. ( )3. I like to play badminton. ( )4. My father drives to work.

( )5. My father is older than my mother.

六、连词成句,注意大小写和标点符号。(每题2分,共10分) 1. country, this, colour, what, is (?)

____________________________________________________ 2. a, has, the, U.K. , queen, or , a, king (.)

_____________________________________________________ 3. many, in, people, how , our, wear, glasses, class (?)

______________________________________________________ 4. is, the, Canada, north, U.S. , of (.)

_____________________________________________________ 5. what, your, family, like, does, to, do (?)


七、用英文介绍一下你熟悉的国家。不少于5句话。(共5分) ————————————————————————

——————————————————————————— ———————————————————————————— ————————————————————————————

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