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班级: 姓名: 学号: 1 Hello, I’m Miss White. Hi, I’m Sarah. 2 What’s your name? My name’s John. 3 Goodbye! Bye.

4 Mr Jones, this is Miss Green. Nice to meet you. 5 Good morning Good morning. 6 Good afternoon. Good afternoon. 7 Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too. 8 How are you? I’m fine, thank you. Very well, thanks. 9 Let’s go to school!


10 Let’s make a puppet! Great! 11 What’s this? It’s a duck. 12 What’s this? It’s an egg. 13 What’s that? Oh, no! It’s a bear! 14 A: What’s that? B: A bear? A: No! It’s a panda. B: Look! A funny dog! A: Cool! I like it.

15 I’d like some juice, please. Here you are. 16 Have some bread. Thanks.

17 Can I have some water, please?


Here you are.

18 Thank you.

You’re welcome.

19 This one, please.


20 How many plates?


21 Happy birthday!

Thank you.

22 How old are you?

I’m six years old.

23 I have a pencil.

Me too.

24 I see green.

25 Colour it brown.


26 Look at me! This is my face. 27 Look at the bear. It’s on the pear.


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