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A、plane A、traffic light A、policeman A、ride a bike A、post office

B、train B、traffic rule B、teacher B、play the football B、bookstore ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


bike 船舰 far 书店 plane 汽车 near 交通 ship 火车 hospital 远 car 飞机 traffic 附近 train 自行车 bookstore 医院


cinema、 bike、 comic book、 grandparents、 watch TV

1、I go to school by __________.

2、I’m going to visit my ____________.

3、Where is the hospital? It’s near the __________.

4、I am going to buy a _________________.

5、Amy like ___________on Saturday.


1、How do you go to school? ( )

A、I go to school on foot. B、The school is next to the hospital.

2、What are you going to do on weekend?( )

A、I’m going to play football. B、I was having lunch.

3、Dose she watching TV this night?( )

A、Yes, she dose. B、Yes, she gose to school on foot.

4、Stop at a______light. A、yellow B、red

5、Where is the cinema?( ) A、I am giong outside. B、Next to the hospital.

6、When dose she go to school?( )A、She works in Beijing. B、At 7:30.

7、Do you like football?( ) A、I like basketball. B、Yes, I do.

8、Where is the post office?( )

A、It’s near the cinema. B、Yellow light means wait.

9、Where are you going this afternoon?( )

A、I’m going to the school. B、It’s next to the bookstore.

10、——Dose Amy go to school by bike? ——Yes,________.

A、she is B、she does


( ) 1. Where are you going this afternoon? A. It's yellow.

( ) 2.What are you going to do? B. You can going by the No.12 bus.

( ) 3. When are you going? C. It's near the bookstore.

( ) 4.Where is the cinema, please? D. At 3 o'clock.

( ) 5.How can I get to the Zhing Shan Park? E. I'm going to the bookstore.

( ) 6.What colore is it? F. We can go by bus.

( ) 7. How can we go to the bookstore? G. I'm going to buy a comic book.

六、Read and choose(阅读对话,根据上下文,选择正确的句子,把字母编号填在相应的横

B: It's near the bookstore.


B:Yes ,it is .


B: You can go by the No.302 bus.Get off at the hospital,and then turn left .You

can see it.

A:I'm going to buy a post card,and send it to my cousin.

B:You're welcome.

七、 阅读短文判断下列句子与短文内容是否一致,如一致的打√,否则打╳。

My aunt and uncle live in a beautiful city. They have two children. One likes to play football, the other likes to study. I went to visit them this summer. My cousins often took me to the park. I could not swim before I went there, so they taught me how to swim. I had a good time with my cousins. We had become good friends when I left them. I often write to them and send them pictures now. I am glad to learn that my aunt’s family will come to spend Spring Festival with us. I just cannot wait to see them.

1. My aunt and uncle live in a pool city. ( )

2. My aunt and uncle,they have one child. ( )

3. My cousins often took me to the park. ( )

4. I went to visit them this winter. ( )

5. I could swim before I went there. ( )

6. I had a good time with my cousins. ( )

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