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姓名:________ 得分:________


1,begin(ing式)__________ 2,children(单数)__________ 3,knife(复数)__________ 4,forgot(原形)__________ 5,happy(副词)__________ 6,my(名词)___________ 7,telephone(缩略词)___________ xK b1. Co m 二,英汉互译(16)

1,送一些鲜花_____________ 2,coming soon______________ 3,一张IP卡片_____________ 4,在滑梯上______________ 5,a new CD_____________ 6,教师节______________ 7,和我一起听_____________ 8,一把伞_____________ 三,开心做选择(30分)

( ) 1,——______ will you ring up?

——My grandfather.

A,Who B,What C,Where

( )2,______a beautiful sunny day! A, Where B,What C,How ( )3,I can’t ______ my watch. X k B 1 . c o m

A,find B,finds C,finding

( )4,She’s ______some washing. A,do B,does C,doing

新课标第一网系列资料 ( )5,Hello!______ Li Shan speaking.Who’s that? A,I’m B,This is C,That is ( )6,Kevin is ______ a nice boy. A,real B,sure C,really ( )7,——This is my book.But where is ______? ——Look,it’s over there. A,your C,you

( B,happyly C,happy ( ’t B,doesn’t don’t

( A,from B,with C,to 四,情景对话(10分)

( )1,打电话时,你想知道接电话的人是不是汤姆,应该说 A,Is this Tom? B,Are you Tom? C,Is that Tom? ( )2,当你想用别人的电话时,应该说 A,May I use your telephone? B,Thank you for your telephone? C,I have a new telephone?

( )3,当你建议别人给老师送一个礼物时,应该说 A,Shall we send a present to our teacher? B,What present shall we send to our teacher?


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C,Would you like to send a present to our teacher? ( )4,打电话时,要别人等一等,应该说

A,She’s not in. B,Just a moment,please! C,Is Linda in? ( )5,你想知道树下有一些孩子吗,应该说 A,Is there some children under the tree? B,Where are the children?

C,Is there any children under the tree? 五,连词成句(15分)

1. I call back will you (.)w W w .x K b 1 .c o M _______________________________________________ 2. can a wait you moment (?)

_______________________________________________ 3. is wonderful new quite CD my (.) _______________________________________________ 4. in now not is she (.)

5. the is behind desk it (.)X|k |B| 1 . c| O |m _______________________________________________

新课标第一网系列资料 Peter’s dad: Hello! X|k |B| 1 . c| O |m

Linda: Hello,this is Linda.1,_______________________________ Peter’s dad: 2,___________________________________ Peter: Hello,this is Peter.3,___________________________ Linda: Peter: I’ Linda: Kung Fu Panda is on.

Great!5,_________________________ What about 6 o’clock? Peter: OK.See you at 6 o’clock. Linda: See you!

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