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小六升初中英语试卷 一、补全单词,并翻译。(16分)

1. ngry( ) 2.st n ( )


1.I want to buy some books. Let’s go to the café.

2.I’m thirsty. Let’s go to the shopping centre. 3.I want to swim. Let’s go to the book store.

3.t ( ) 4.m ss( ) 5.p cn c( ) 6.sc enc ( ) 7.st ry( ) 8.w rld( ) 二、英汉互译。(8分)

1.整理床铺 2.梳头 __ 3.洗脸_______________ 4.吃早餐 __ 5.wake up 6.brush his teeth 7.by bike 8.clean the floor 三、选词填空。(5分)

in on at up to

1. monday , I always get up early. 2.I often play basketball the afternoon. 3.Katie always makes her bed 6 o’clock. 4.Mingming is climbing the slide. 5.The dog is running Mingming. 四、写出下列名词的复数形式。(5分)

1. child 2.story

3.rice 4.man 5.idea

4.I want to buy a coat. Let’s go to the swimming pool. 5.I want to have a picnic. Let’s go to the park.


1. Let go the World Underwater us to 2. more There shops are in Picture One

3. feel lonely I so here

4. Sally have on always lunch time .

_____ 5. will Tomorrow be sunny .



1.talk 2.eat 3.say 4.take 5.live 6.dance



( )1.It is heavily.

A. rain B.rains C.raining

( )2.Mr Zhang is talking to friend on the phone. A.her B.him C.his ( )3.I am twelve old.

A.year B.years C.age

( )4.That’s tall your age. A.to B.about C.for ( )5.Mingming is singing . A.loud B.louder C.loudly ( )6.It’s _____Mid-Autumn Festival.

A.the B.an C.a D.one

( )7.We are ______to the moon.

A.go B.went C.going Cgoes

( )8.He ______medicine 10 minutes ago.

A. take B.taking C.is D.took ( )9.______walk slowly.

A.Did B.Do C.Don’t D.Be ( )10.Last week,we flew _____ Beijing.

A.to B.for C.about D.at


How tall am I ? I’m peter. How old is he ? I’m 32 kilogrammes. How heavy are you ? He is ten years old. What is your name ? You’re 140 centimetres tall.

How do you do ? How do you do.

十、判断下列句子是否符合短文意思,如符合请打√,否则打×.(10分) Today is February 3rd. The weather is windy and cold. I get many cards today. They’re birthday cards. They’re from my friends. Can you guess why? I wear my new red coat and blue jeans. They’re very pretty. My mother take me to the zoo.I can see many animals. I’m very happy today.

( ) 1.My birthday is February 3rd. ( ) 2.It’s windy and snowy today.

( ) 3.I can see many trees at the zoo. ( ) 4.I have a new coat. It’s blue. ( ) 5.I have many birthday cards.


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