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11.03李翠怡四年级英语上册module3—林晓纯 (修改后) 2

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1. 如何询问对方长大后想从事什么职业

句型: What do you want to be when you grow up?

答语: I want to be...

例如:—What do you want to be when you grow up?

—I want to be a nurse.

一般疑问句型:Do you want to be ...?

答语:Yes, I_____ . / No, I _____.

例如:—Do you want to be a doctor?

—Yes, I_____ .

职业单词:teacher, postman, driver, manager, worker, soldier, farmer, fireman, policeman, cleaner, athlete, waiter, waitress, lawyer, dancer, singer


( )1. What____ you want to be when you grow up?

A. are B. do C. can

( )2. I want ____ be a nurse.

A. in B. on C. to

( )3. Do you want to be a fireman? ____.

A. Yes, I am B. Yes, can C. Yes, I do

2. 如何询问职业的句型


此处可以是形容词性物主代词,如his, your等,或者是名词所有格,如Tom's. 句型(2):What does ... do?

答语:主语 + be动词(+a/an)+ 职业名词

例如: —What's your brothr's job? 你哥哥是做什么工作的?

—My brother is a manager.

—What does your uncle do?

—He's an athlete.


( )1. What’s your _____job?

A. sister B. sister’s C.sisters

( )2. What’s____ job? He’s a singer.

A. his B.he’s C. her

( )3. What____ she____? She’s a worker.

A. is, job B. does, do C. is, do

( )4. ___ is your mother's name? Yi Ling.

A. What B. How C. Which

三、 Module 1科学测试



( )1. A. What do you want to be when you grow up?

B. What do you want to when you grow?

( )2. A. What about you, Mike?

B. What about you, mother?

( )3. A. I want to be a driver.

B. I want to be a farmer.

( )4. A. What's Sally's job?

B. What's Sally's mother's job?

( )5. A. What does he do?

B. What does his father do?


( )6. I want to be a bank manager.

( )7. That's a good job.

( )8. What's the man's job?

( )9. What does your mother do?

( )10. She's a shop assistant.


11. my father A. postman

12. my mother B. bank clerk

13. my aunt C. fireman

14. my sister D. waitress

15. My brother E. lawyer

四、 听音, 为你所听到的句子选择正确的答语。(10分) ( )16. A. I want to be a teacher.

B. You want to be a worker.

( )17. A. He's a driver.

B. She's a waitress.

( )18. A. He's Zhang Dong's father.

B. My father is a doctor.

( )19. A. I'm a bank clerk.

B. She is a cleaner.

( )20. A. Yes, I am

B. He is a bus driver.

B: ____ one?

A: The one ____ blonde hair and big ____ eyes.

B: That’s my ____ Susan.

A: She’s tall and beautiful. What’s her ____?

B: She’s a nurse.

B: ____ , Janet.

A: How many people are there in your family, Bill?

B: There are four. My father, my mother, my brother and me.

A: What ____ your father do?

B: He ____ a bank manager.

A: What____ your mother?

B: ____ a cook.

A: What’s your brother’s ____?

B: We call him Sam.

A: Is he a pupil?

B: ____, he is in Grade 6. We are ____ in the same school.

A: What do you want to be ____ you grow up?

B: I want to be a lawyer. He wants to be a doctor.


Look, this is my family. My father is a . My grandpa is a .

. And I am a basketball player. We are very happy.

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