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2__________ 3______________ 9____________ 12__________ 13_____________ 20_____________ 15__________ 40______________ 78_____________


1. 7:30_______________ 2. 11:45_________________

3.在11月8日________________ 4 在五楼_______________

5一百二十_________________ 6在四3班____________


1We are having _________.

A the Four lesson B the fourth lesson C Lesson Fourth

2My birthday is on Children's Day .It's on the _________.

A first of June B June first C tenth of September

3 There are _____people in the hall.

A three hundreds B three hundreds of C three hundred

4 Sandy is the _____years old .Today is his _____birthday.

A five;five B five;fifth C fifth; five

5 _____of students in our class live in school.

A Two fifth B Second five C Two fifths

6Sunday is the ____day of the week.

A seventh B first C second

7 There are ____months in a year .December is the ___month of the year.

A twelve twelfth B twelve twelve C twelve twelfth

8 Tom was _____to get to school and I was ____.

A first ninth B the first the ninth C the second ,the nineth

9 My block has _______floors.I live on the ______floor.

A eighteen,eight B eight,eighteen C eighteen eighth

10 Mr.Smith has an _____daughter.

A eight years old B eight-year-old C eight year old D eight-years-old 11About ____students are seeing a film.

A hundred B two hundreds C two hundreds of D two hundred

12 Now,children, turn to page _____and look at the ____picture in Lesson Four.

A twelfth ,first B twelve ,first C twelfth,one D first, twelfth 13 My friend Jane is in ________.

A Class four ,Grade three B Grade three ,Class Four

C Class four ,Grade Three D class four ,gade three

14 During the Spring Festival,many people can have a ____holiday.

A seven days B seven-days C seven-days' D seven-day


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