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My Summer Holiday阅读

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My Summer Holiday

During my summer holiday, My family and I have been to Shanghai, Hangzhou(杭州), and Nanjing. We are very happy for my wonderful trip(旅程). First, we go to Hangzhou by plane. We visited the West Lake(西湖) and Qingdao Lake(千岛

湖) by ship. The water is clean and the trees are green. Then we visited Shanghai by car, I visited the Expro2010(世博

会). The park is very very big. And there are many people go there too. In Shanghai we can take the subway to everywhere. There are 13 subway lines in Shanghai now. It’s very convenience(方便) to travel(游

玩) in Shanghai by subway. Because we will not meet the traffic jam(堵

车). Then we go to Nanjing by high-speed train. It’s faster than the normal(普通

的) train. It can drive more than 300 kilometer every hour. So I have a good time! What about you? Can you tell me about your holiday?


请你把交通方式的编号填在对应的景点( )里!

1( )Shanghai A. by subway

2 ( )Hangzhou B. by train

3 ( )Nanjing C. by car

4 ( )West Lake & Qiandao Lake D. by ship

5 ( )Travel in Shanghai E. by plane

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