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六年级练习Exercises of U3

Class______ name___________

一、提示:用be going to与will的正确形式完成填空。

1. 我打算明天和朋友去野炊。

I_____ _______ _________ have a picnic with my friends.

I ________ have a picnic with my friends.

2. 下个星期一你打算去干嘛? 我想去打篮球。

What ________ ________ _________ _________ _________ next Monday? I _______ ______ _____ play basketball. What _________ you do next Monday?

I ________ play basketball.

3. 你妈妈这个周末去购物吗?是,她要去买一些水果。

_____ your mother _______ ________ go shopping this ___________? Yes, she _________. She ______ ________ __________ buy some fruit.

4. 你们打算什么时候见面。

What time _______ you _________ __________ meet?

二、补全对话。(选择合适的句子,将对话补充完整, 将字母编号填在横线上)

A. What day is it today? B. Thank you. C. Yes, I am. D. What are you going to do there? E. Yes, we are. F. What are you going to do this weekend?. G. What’s the date today?

A: (1)____________________________?

B: It’s Friday.

A: Oh, Weekend is coming. (2)_______________________.?

B: I’m going to Shen Zhen with my parents.

A: Are you going by bus?

B: (3)___________________________ .

A: (4)______________________________________?

B: We are going to visit my grandparents.

A: Have a good trip.

B: (5)_________________ .


1. Tom: __________________________________?

Amy: I’m going to the park tomorrow.

2. Mike:__________________________________?

Lily: I’m going to go swimming at 4:15.

3. Mom:__________________________________?

Sam: I’m going to the cinema by bike.

4. John:__________________________________?

Jim: The post office is next to the cinema.

5. Dad: __________________________________?

Jim: Sarah is going to buy a pair of shoes.

四、 (阅读短文,选择正确的答案,并将其字母符号填在句子前面的括号里)


My name is Tim, Tomorrow is the weekend. I have no classes. My parents aren’t going to work. But we are going to be very busy tomorrow. My mother is going to buy something for next week. My father is going to visit my aunt and uncle. I am going to play computer games with my cousin. Tomorrow evening we are going to have a big dinner. After that we are going to the cinema. I think we are going to have a nice weekend.

1. ( )Tomorrow is ______. A. Saturday B. Sunday

2. ( )My mother is _____ . A. going to go shopping B. going to the bookstore.

3. ( )I have______. A. a cousin B .a brother

4. ( )My father is ______ s . A. at home B. going to my uncle’s home.

5. ( )I ‘m _______ . A. going to the supermarket B. going to the cinema



we are Chen Jie and Sarah. We don’t go to school on the weekend. We are going to plant trees. . But first, we are going to the bookstore to buy books about plants. Second, we need some plants. So we are going to the plant shop. We want to be science teachers one day.

( ) 6.Chen Jie ______. A. goes to school B. doesn’t go to school

( ) 7. They are going to _______ A. plant trees. B. plant flowers.

( ) 8.They are going to buy ______ in the plant shop. A. books B. plants

( ) 9. Chen Jie is going to be ________ A. a science teacher. B.a music teacher

( ) 10. Are they busy?? A.Yes, they are. B. No, they aren’t.

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