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( )1、A .ship B. car C. meat D. doll

( )2、A .ship B. apple C. orange D. banana

( )3、A .lunch B.dinner C. watch D. breakfast

( )4、A .Chinese B.England C. Maths D. Science

( )5、A .cold B.hot C. cool D. friend

( )6、A .coat B.T-shirt C. blue D. sweater

( )7、A、tall B、short C、thin D. pear

( )8 A.windy B.winter C. spring D. autumn


( )1. What's favourite song ? A. your B. you C. I

( )2.I go to school seven o'clock. A. in B. at C. on

( )3.—What's the time,please? —It's .

A. half of ten B. half at ten C. half past ten

( )4.—How do you go to work? —I go to work bus. A. at B. in C. by ( )5.—Have you got a computer? —Yes . A.I have B. I do C. I has ( )6. —What Amy at school ? —She has English ,Maths and Science.

A. does ,has B.does , have C. do , have

( )7. I don't like . A. swim B. swimming C.swiming

( )8. — is the present? —It's in your bedroom .

A. Where B. What C. How

( )9.He goes to work car. A、in B、on C、by

( )10. Do you like noodles? .

A、Yes,I am B、Yes,you are C、Yes,I do

( )11.My father to work by bus. A、go B、goes C.going

( )12. Daming like pears? A、Do B、Does C.Is

( )12.It's elephant.It's big. A、a B、 an

( )13 —What are they?— lions. A、They're B、It's

三、选词填空。 in to by at under 1.Sam goes to school bike. 2.The dog is the tree. 3.What do you do the weekend? 4.Daming flies kites the park. 5.I go school at six o’clock.


( )A. watch TV 1.给你。

( )B. fly kites 2.踢足球

( )C. in your bed room 3.新年快乐!

( )D. have breakfast 4.看电视

( )E. sing songs 5.回家

( )F. Here you are. 6.在你的卧室

( )G. Happy New Year! 7.放风筝

( )H. riding bikes 8.唱歌

( )I. go home 9.吃早饭

( )J. play basketball 10骑自行车


( )1、What's the time,please? A、I walk to school.

( )2、How do you go to school? B、They are pandas.

( )3、Where is the dog? C、It's four o'clock.

( )4、What's the book about? D、No,I don't.

( )5、What are they? E、It's about animals.

( )6、Do you like swimming? F、It's under the chair .

( )7、Is it big? G、Yes,it is.


I love spring.In spring,I go to school at eight.I go to school by bike.I fly kites in spring.I don’t like winter.In winter,I go to school at half past seven.I go to school by bus.I don’t fly kites.I watch TV in winter.

( )1.I love spring. ( )2.I go to school by bus in spring.

( )3.I fly kites in winter. ( )4.I go to school at eight in winter.

( )5.I play football in winter.

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