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1.math, Who, is ,teacher, your

2.like, What, is, he

3.tall, strong, and, He is

4.active, Is, she

5.kind, she, is, very, But

6.have, We, new, Chinese, a, teacher

7.you, Do, have, teachers, new

8.is, That, our, teacher, new, science

9.I, your, music, am, teacher

10.classes, What, you, like, do

11.we, What, do, Mondays ,have, on

12.have, We, English, and, P.E., math, Thursdays, on

13.day, What, is, today, it

14.Sunday, is, Today

15.weekends, I, like

16.do, What, you, do, Saturdays, on

17.I, on, Sundays, watch, TV, books, read, and

18.often, I, my, do, homework, too

19.is, Today, Thursday

20.you, What, about

21.would, What, like, you, lunch, for,

22.would, I, fish, some, like, please

23.have, What, you, do, today, for, on, breakfast

24.green, bins, I, have, tomatoes, and

25.Thursdays, on, you, do, What, have, for, dinner

26.you, What, about

27. Here, our, is, school

28.sounds, That, good

29.food, What is, favorite, your

30.like, I, don, not, But, grapes

31. favorite, Bananas, my, are

32.healthy, It, is, and, fresh

33.you, What, can, do

34.Tom, use, computer , a, can

35.she, Can, cook, meals, the

36.they, What, do, can

37.you, helpful, Are, home, at

38.monkey, The, can, floor, sweep, the

39.housework, Can, do, you,

40.Chen Jie, cook, meals, the, can’t

41.What,, is, like, room, your

42.room, you, Do, like, my

43.closet, is, There, a, and, mirror, a, big

44.three, bedrooms, are, There

45.my, I, have, room, own, now

46. small, nice, and, It’s

47.behind, trash, bin, The ,is, door, the

48.This, a, picture, is, room, of, my

49.What, see, my, room, can, you, in

50.much, very, love ,I, room, my, new

51.over, bed, There, is, a, picture, the

52.is ,a, There, river, the, in, park

53. The, clean, river, is

54.lake, there, a, Is, park, the, nature, in

55.holiday, is, my, picture, This

56.this, park, like, Do, you

57.green, The, grass, is,

58.river, There, a, is, here, near

59. there, any, trees, Are, your, school ,in

60.many, are, boats, There, the, in, river

61.There, many, fish, in, are, river, the

62.some, tall, are, There, buildings

63.any, in, the, Are, there, pandas, mountain

64.there, fish, Are, any, river, in, the

65.village, Is, a, there, over, there

66.river, is, There, a, here, near

67.no, tall, There, are, buildings

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