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Module 5 测试卷(笔试)

Class: Name: NO: Mark:一、单项选择

( )1. Hello,Amy. meet you.

A. Please to B. Pleased C. Pleased to ( ) 2. I dance and sing. B. can C. am ( ) 3. names are Sam and Amy. B. They C. Them ( ) 4. Amy dancing and singing. B. is C. likes ( ) 5. I can English. A. say B. speak C. tell ( ) 6. I like football and . A. read C. to read ( ) 7. Can you say I can say ? A. what C. why ( ) 8. She can my Chinese pen friend. A. is B. does C. be ( ) 9. I can write the email English. A. with B. in C. by ( A. Yes, I can B. Yes, of course 二、阅读理解


Wu Dong has a good friend. His name is Peter. He is from the USA. Peter likes China and Chinese food. He likes rice cakes very much. Wu Dong and Peter are in the same class. They go to school five days a week. They stay at home on Sunday and Saturday, At school, they play table tennis after class. They like making things. Now they are making a plane. They fly it at the weekend.


( ) 1. Wu Dong has an American friend. ( ) 2. They go to school from Monday to Friday. ( ) 3. They often play football after school. ( ) 4. They fly plane on Sundays and Saturdays. ( ) 5. Peter likes eating moon cakes.


I’m Bob, I’m 13., I live in London, I want a pen friend in China. I can speak English and a little French. I like listening to music and playing sports. My favourite subject is P.E. My hobby is collecting stamps.


( ) 6.Bob is from A. China C. America ( ) 7 Bob wants a pen friend in

A. Australia B. China C. America ( ) 8 Bob can speak A. English C.A and B ( ) 9. Dose he like P.E. best? A. Yes, he doesn’t B. No, he doesn’t C. Yes, he does. ( ) 10. What’s his hobby? A. Collecting postcards B. Collecting stamps C. Collecting cards



1. This is my (地址) in China. 2. Pleased to (见到) you . 3. 法语)? 4. (澳大利亚). 5. I have a 6. Theirs 7. Mary 8. (they). 9. Her hobby is 10. 四、改写句子

1. I can play football.(用he改写) can football. 2. 就划线部分提问) can be pen friend. 3. 否定回答) I 4. (改为复数句) These are in England. 5. (改为否定句) She see milk in the glass.


1. 你想知道别人会不会说法语,应该这样问:

2. 你想说你有两个来自美国的朋友,会这样表达:

3. 当你想称赞对方英语说得好时,你会说:

4. 你想问对方能否成为你的中国笔友,会这样问:

5. 你想知道能否给对方的朋友写信,应该怎么问:

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