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watch______ live ________ play _______swim wash study ______ do ______ go ______ read _______ am/is_____see______ fly______stop worry

二、选择 1、-Did he help me clean my room ?

-Yes , he . A、did B、do C、does D didn’t

2 -What did Lisa do yesterday? to music .

A、was listened B was listen C、listened D listens

3、-What did you do last weekend? -I TV.

A、saw B、looked at Cwas watched D watched

4、- What did you do last night? -- I did my homework and _____ TV.

A. watch B. watched C. will watch D. am watching

5、Did John football yesterday? A、play B、played C、plaied D plays

6、 books last weekend . A、read B、readed C was readed D looked at

7、Did you play football Zhang Peng? A、with B、 and C、to D together

8、 busy yeaterday. A、is B、did C、were D was

9、Lisa usually her homework after supper. A、doed B、do C did D does

10、Did you swimming last weekend? A、go B、goes C、went D goed

11. What ____ he _____ yesterday ? A. do, do B. do , did C. did, do D did,did

12. How he feeling ? A. does B. do C. did D is

13. He _________ the clothes yesterday.

A.didn’t washed B.didn’t wash C.doesn’t washed D wasn’t wash

14. They _______ English last night. A. study B. studyed C. studies D studied

15. My friends ______ in the park yesterday .A. was B. are C. am D were

16 What ___he usually on the weekend? A did, do B do , did C do, does D does, do 17 He jumped ___the lake and swam ___it. A in ,to B into ,to C to , in Dto ,into

18 I like ___kites I ____kites yesterday A fly flyed B flew fly C fly flew D flying, flew

19. I went to USA . A. tomorrow B. last weekend C. next Sunday D every year 20 . Bruce, look at your dirty shoes. You’d better _____ them right now.

A. washed B. washing C. wash D. to wash

三 用所给词的正确形式填空

1. I ______ (go) fishing yesterday . 2. He _______ (study) English with me yesterday ?

3. you (wash) the clothes last Sunday? 4. She ________ (not go) to the park yesterday . 5Tom often _____(do) his homework in the evening. But yesterday evening He ____(watch) TV. 6 What ___you ___(do) last Saturday afternoon?

7. The girls ________ (do) their homework and _______ (play) the piano last weekend

8 My friend ________ (help) me _______ (learn) maths last Saturday .

9. He _________ (read) books yesterday . 10 His friends ________ (be) busy yesterday .

11 How ________ (be) your mother yesterday ? 12 He went ________ (swim) yesterday .

四 句型转换

1 The dog went to the river yesterday.(改为一般疑问句 并作否定回答)

2 He played football last weekend . (改否定句)


3 Mike did housework at home.(改为一般疑问句)

4 Tom read a book about plants . (改否定句)

5 I helped him learn English .(同义句) I helped him ______ his English .

6 I went to Mike’s home on foot in the morning(同义句)。

I _______ Mike’s home in the morning .

7 They were at home . (改为一般疑问句 并作否定回答)

8 I was sad yesterday(改为一般疑问句 并作否定回答)

9 My father was in the park 对划线部分提问)

五、选词填空。( fly flew homework cleaned clean visit was cooked had swam have birthday saw swam visited )

I often do ________ and ________ my room on Saturday. But last Saturday I ________ my grandparents. Because last Saturday ________ my grandma’s _________. We _______ kites near the river. We ________ some trees and flowers at the river. Some ducks ______ in the river. It is beautiful. My mother ________ big meals for us. I ________ a good time last Saturday.


It was a sunny day last Sunday. Liu Mei went shopping with her mother. On her way to the shop, they met(遇见) an old woman. The old woman wanted to see her husband(丈夫). He had a flu and was ill in the hospital. But she did not know the way to the hospital. Liu Mei asked a policeman. He told(告诉) her to take a No. 11 bus. Liu Mei went with the old woman to the hospital and her mother went shopping by herself. Forty minutes later, the old woman saw her husband. Liu Mei left the hospital and went to the bookshop. She did not wait for their thanks.

1 What was the weather like last Sunday?A It was Sunday. B It was fine. C It was rainy.

2 Where did the old woman want to go?

A She wanted to go to the hospital . B She wanted to go to the cinema.

C She wanted to go to the science museum.

3 What is the matter with the woman’s husband?

A He had a headache. B He had a fever C He was sick. He had a flu.

4 How did Liu Mei and the old woman go to the hospital?

A They went by bus. B They went on foot. C They went by bike.

5 Where did Liu Mei go at last?

A She went to the hospital. B She went to the supermarket. C She went to the bookstore.

Today was hot. I went to the farm with my parents and my dog ,Tom. There was a river in front of the farm . I went to the river with Tom . We ran and played . Suddenly I dropped (掉进)into the river ,“Help , Help??”My parents were worried ,but they couldn’t swim . At once Tom jumped into the river and swam to me , Ten minutes later , I was saved(救)。 I was thankful to him.We are good friends.

6、It was not .A、cold B、hot C、windy D sunny

7、How many people went to the farm ? .Aone B、two C、three D four

8、The farm was a river . A in front of、 B、behind C、near D next to

9、jumped into the river and saved me.AMy parents BMy mother CMy father D My dog

10、划线句子中 thankful 的含义是 。A、angry B、sad C、grateful D worried


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