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四年级英语1-3单元练习 班级_______ 姓名______ 成绩______

classroom_______ floor_______ window_______ really _______ blackboard______ near_______ light_______ TV_______ picture_______ clean_______ door_______ help_______ teacher's desk____ schoolbag _______ computer_______ maths book______ fan_______ English book_____ wall_______

Chinese book____

We have a new classroom.

___________________________ Let's go and see!

___________________________ Where is it?

___________________________ It's near the window.

___________________________ Let's clean the classroom!

___________________________ Let me clean the windows.

___________________________ What's in your schoolbag?

___________________________ What colour is it?


storybook _______ friendly_______ candy_______ quiet_______ notebook _______ hair _______ toy_______ shoe _______ key _______ glasses_______ wow _______ his _______ lost _______ or _______ so much_______ right _______ cute_______

hat _______

strong_______ her_______It's blue and white.

___________________________ What's his name?

___________________________ His name is Zhang Peng.

___________________________ He's tall and strong.

___________________________ Who's he?


He has glasses and his shoes are blue. ___________________________ An English book,a maths book, three storybooks and…


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