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Unit 1 My New Teacher


young --- old tall --- short fat --- thin quiet --- active funny strong kind strict

smart very Mr. --- Miss

principal university student math teacher math teacher music teacher

Chinese teacher English teacher P.E. Teacher art teacher Science teacher


1.We have a new teacher. We have new teachers.

2. What’s your math teacher like ? What’s he like?

3.My math teacher is tall and thin. He is short but strong.

4. This is our new math teacher.

5. Do you have new teachers?

6.Who’s your art teacher? Who is he?

7.We all like him.

8.He is from Canada.

9.Her class is so much fun.

10.She is a university student.

11.You are right.


ea/ee /i:/ peach tea seat jeans beef sheep queen sleep

bl /bl/ blue black block blow

br/br/ bread brown library break



1)在句子前面加助动词,其他不变,we变you, I变you最后加?。

We have a new teacher. ------ Do you have a new teacher?

肯定回答Yes, 主语+助动词。否定回答No,主语+助动词+not。

Yes, we do. No, we do not.=No, we don’t.

2).把系动词be(Is, are, am)放到句子前面,其他不变,we变you, I变you最后加?。

My math teacher is tall and thin. ----- Is your math teacher tall and thin?

肯定回答Yes, 主语+be动词。否定回答No,主语+be动词+not。

Yes, he is . No, he is not .=No, he isn’t.


My New Teacher

We have a new math teacher. She is young. She is a university student. She is tall and thin. And she is very kind. Her class is so much fun.We all like her.

Unit 2 My Days of the Week


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday



watch TV do my homework read books play computer games play ping-pong


1)What day is it today? ---- It’s Monday.

2)What do we have on Monday? ---- We have English, math, and P.E..

3)---What do you do on Saturdays?

---I watch TV, do my homework and read books.

4)---What class do ou like? -- I like music and English.

5)I like weekends. Me too.

6)Let me see.

7)Saturday is fun for me. Sunday is sweet for me.


My Favourite Day

Saturday is my favourite day. I don’t have classes on Saturday. I watch TV, do my homework and read books on Saturday. I often paint and play ping-ping. Saturday is fun for me. What do you do on Saturday?

My Weekends

What do you do on weekends?I often watch TV and play ping-ping on Saturday. Saturday is my favourite day. I do my homework and read books on Sunday. Sunday is fun for me. What about you?

Unit 3 What’s your favourite food?


fruit: orange apple pear grape peach

food: pork mutton pork fish cabbage onions green beans eggplant

tomato potato tofo noodle

lunch dinner

tasty yummy salty sweet sour fresh healthy


I would like = I’d like


1)What’s your favourite food? Mutton.

2)What do you have for lunch today? I have eggplant.

3)I like grapes. I don’t like fish.

4)It’s tasty/salty/sour/sweet/healthy/fresh.

They’re tasty/salty/sour.

5)What would you like for lunch?

6)I’m hungry.

7)What about you?

8)That sounds good.

9)Do you like apples? Yes, I do. /No, I don’t.


My Favourite Food

Mutton is my favourite food. I often have mutton for lunch. It is yummy and tasty. It’s fresh and healthy for me . I like mutton. What about you?

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