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Unit 1 My Classroom


window door floor wall light picture

computer fan desk teachers’ desk blackboard classroom

on in under near


/ei/ cake make name face date /?/ hat dad cat


Open the door. Open the window. Sweep the floor.

Clean the classroom. Clean the blackboard Turn on the light. Put on the picture.


1) We have a new classroom.

2) What’s in the classroom?

3) Let’s go and see.

4) Where is my picture?

5) It’s near/on/under/in .......(方位表达)

6) We have six/many lights.(复数)

7) Let’s clean the classroom. ---- OK. (建议)

8) Let me help you.---Thank you.

9) I see a door.

10) The door is orange.


My Classroom

We have a new classroom. It’s so big. The wall is white. The door is yellow.What’s in the classroom? I see a teacher’s desk, a blackboard and many desks and chairs.A computer is on the teacher’s desk. A pictures is near the window. I like my new classroom.

Unit 2 My Schoolbag


pen pencil pencil-case ruler schoolbag book notebook storybook math book Chinese book English book key toy candy heavy


1).I have a new schoolbag.

2)My schoolbag is heavy.

3)What’s in it?

4)May I see it?

5)I lost my notebook.

6)What colour is it ?-- It’s ....

7)I like it very much.

8)Excuse me.

9)Here it is. ----Thank you so much.

10)It’s a fat panda.


/ai/ like five kite nine rice ice /i/ big six pig

4.小作文 My Schoolbag.

My Schoolbag

I have a new schoolbag. It’s yellow and green. It’s a fat panda. It’s very heavy. Many books are in the schoolbag--a notebook, a Chinese book, an English book and a storybook. I have a pencil-case.A ruler, three pens and a pencil are in the pencil-case. I like it very much.

Unit 3 My Friend


friend short tall thin fat cute friendly quiet boy girl glasses hair eye


1. I have a friend.

2. I have a Chinese friend.

3. She’s short and thin.

4. She’s cute/friendly.

5. Who is he?

6. He has two big eyes.

7. He has glasses.

8. What’s his name? -- His name is ......

9. His shoes are blue.

10. You are right.


1) he -- his she -- her

Who is he? He is Wu Yifang.

He has short hair.

What’s his name? -- His name is ZhangPeng.

He has two big eyes. His eyes are big.

2)I/we have

She/he has

We have a new classroom. I have a friend.

She has long hair. He has glasses.


/?u/ nose note hope rose coke /?/ box dog not lost

5.小作文。 My Friend

I have a friend. Her name is ChenJie.She is 11. She is tall and thin. She has two big eyes and long hair. She is cute and friendly. She speaks English well. She has many friends. I like Chenjie very much.

Unit 4 My Home


home study livingroom bedroom bathroom kitchen fridge sofa table phone

2. 词组。

Watch TV read a book have a snack have a nap take a shower


1)Where are my crayons?

2)Where is the cat?

3)Are they in the study?

4)Is she in the kitchen?

5)Your living room is nice.

6)I’m her sister.

7)Look at that room.

8)Do you see my glasses?


1)Is she in the living room? --- Yes, she is . /No, she isn’t.

2)Is it in your desk? --- Yes, it is./No, it isn’t.

3)Are they on the table? --- Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t.

5.小作文。My Home

This is my home. It is so big. It has a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and two bedrooms in it. I have a green fridge. It is in the kitchen. I have a yellow bed in my bedroom. My picture is near the bed. My bedroom is cure. My home is nice. I like it very much.

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