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1.carrot 2.go dancing 3.hippo 4.bike 5.subway 6.go ice-skating

7.a box of tissues 8. a pair of socks 9.sixty 10.three times


1.kite 2.candy 3.pair 4.bag 5.get 6.sixty 7.try 8.sock 9.bottle 10 chips


1.I bought a bottle of shampoo yesterday.

2.This pair of socks was expensive.

3.Tony eats fish about four times a week.

4.I like fishing.

5.Sally never takes the bus to school.

6.I’ll go to the store and get a box of tissues.

7. An elephant is bigger than a hippo.

8.Tony plays football about twice a week.

9.Jenny is reading about hiking.

10.The hat is 60 dollars.


1.What did you buy at the store?

2.How much are these cookies.

3.How often do you take the bus?

4.Which is faster,the plane or the bike?

5.What are you reading?


1.-Who are you going to sent the letter to,Lily?

-I’m going to send it to my friend.

2.-Do you ever take the subway to school,Tony?

- No,I never take the subway to school.

3.-What did you buy at the shopping mall?

- I bought a pair of socks .

4.-Lingling,how often do you go dancing?

- Twice a month.

5.-How much are the cookies?

-They are 40 dollars.


1. I never take the taxi to school.

2. Jenny bought a cartoon of ice cream yesterday.

3. How often do you go dancing? Once a month.

4. How much is the guitar? It’s 80 yuan..

5. Which is slower, a turtle or a rabbit?


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