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牛津小学英语5A Unit1-4月考

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牛津小学英语5A Unit1-4月考 2013.11

学校 班级姓名 得分_______

第一部分: 听力(30%)


( ) 1. A. start B. skate C. street

( ) 2. A. black B. back C. bike

( ) 3. A. word B. world C. work

( ) 4. A. kitchen B. chicken C. change

( ) 5. A. mouth B. house C. mouse

( ) 6. A. lesson B. listen C. learn

( ) 7. A. many B. mask C. much

( ) 8. A. Saturday B. Sunday C. today

( ) 9.A. swing B. swim C. sing


( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( ) ( )


( )1.A No, there isn’t. B Yes, it is. C Yes, she is.

( )2.A Yes, I can. B Yes, he can. C Yes, she can.

( )3.A There’s a swing. B It’s a swing. C It’s over there.

( )4.A They’re ten. B Ten yuan, please. C There are ten.

( )5.A Yes, I can. B Yes, I am. C Yes, I do.


________are three people(人) in Liu Tao’s _________. They ______in a new _______. His parents don’t _______on Saturdays and Sundays. They like

_________in the_________. Liu Tao can ________and _________ model planes.


Sometimes they _______ bikes.

第二部分: 笔试(70%)

五、从方框内选择适当的单词或词组填入句中。每个词只能用一次。(12分) 1

2、We are an English lesson.

3、I can the violin.

4、the song , please.

5、There are books in the study.

1. It is the first day the new term.

2. There is a park my house.

3. The students are a Music lesson.

4. I live a big new house.

5. My parents like cooking Sundays.

6. They would like to buy some chocolate _______ a Halloween party.


1.There’s a big bed in my b________.

2. How m_______ peaches can you see on the table?

3. Can she s_______ the song?

4. Mike can p_____ the book on his head.

5. There are some shoes u _____ the bed.

6. They’re having an English l ______.

7. I can’t find David. Look, he’s b______ the door.

8. All the students are back at s______.


( ) 1. There ________ a bird and some trees in the garden.

A. am B. is C. are

( ) 2. We need ________ ice-cream and ________ juice.

A. a, a B. an, some C. some, a

( ) 3. —There any crayons.—Here are some crayons for you.

A. isn’t B.are C. aren’t


( ) 4. I can play football, but my sister can’t.

She can play violin.

A. the, the B.the, / C. /, the

( ) 5. I can . I like .

A. swim, swimming B. swimming, swimming C. swimming, swim

( ) 6. Do you like ?

A. vase B. red vase C. the red vase

( )7. —Can you ski?— .

A. Yes, you can. B. Yes, we can. C. Yes, I do.

( ) 8. — Are there any toilets in the building?— .

A. Yes, there are. B. Yes, they are. C. No, there isn’t.

( ) 9. — in your school bag?—There are many books in it.

A. What are B. Where’s C. What’s

( )10. —How ________ are the puzzles?—Thirty yuan.

A many B. much C. any

( )11、 How many _______ are there in the room?

A、desks B、desk C、computer

( )12、There _______any water in the cup.

A、isn’t B、 aren’t C、are

( )13. –What’s in the basket? ––__________

A. I’d like a toy dog. B. There’s a dog. C. I like dogs.

( )14.--Is there a zebra in the zoo? -- __________

A. Yes, there isn’t. B. No, there isn’t. C. No, there aren’t.

( )15.––Do you like balloons? -- __________ .

A. Yes, I like. B. Yes, I am. C. No, I don’t.


( ) 1. Shall we go and play in the park? A. I can skate.

( ) 2. What animals do you like? B. There’s a mouse.

( ) 3. What can you do? C. Good idea..

( ) 4. Can I help you? D. Some noodles, please.

( ) 5.What’s in the cat’s mouth? E. I like monkeys.

( ) 6. There aren’t any pencils. F. There is only one.

( ) 7. How many ducks are there? G. No, I like rabbits.

( ) 8.Where’s Lily? H. No, I can’t.

( ) 9.Do you like chickens? I. He cannot write the words..

( ) 10.Can you draw a rabbit? J. She’s near the blackboard. 3


1. A: Is ________ ________ juice in the fridge?

B: Let me see. Oh, no, there ________.What about ________ milk?

A: OK.

B: Here ________ are.

2. A: What ________ you ________ ?

B: I can sing ―Two jackets‖.

A: Can you sing the ________ ―We can sing and dance‖?

B: No, I ________.

3. A: there trees in the garden?

B: No, there 花).


Look at the picture on the wall. It’s a nice picture of a park . I can see a slide, three swings , some trees and a lot of flowers . How many trees can you see ?Oh , I can see eleven . There are some birds in the trees . They are very lovely. I like the picture very much. Is this David’s picture? Sorry , I don’t know.

( ) 1 The picture on the wall is David’s.

( ) 2 The picture is very nice.

( ) 3 There’s a slide, three swings, some trees and a lot of flowers in the picture .

( ) 4 It’s a picture of a garden .

( ) 5 The birds in the trees are very lovely.

十一、阅读短文,选出符合短文内容的答案。(5%) This is a picture of our class. You can see twenty-eight boys and twenty-seven girls in our class. There is an American (美国的) student in our class. His name is David. His English is very good. We all like him. He likes eating bread and cakes. He likes drinking milk and apple juice. We like eating rice and drinking tea. We are very happy together.

( ) 1. How many students are there in the classroom?

A. twenty- eight B. fifty-five C. twenty-seven

( ) 2. David likes eating ________.

A. cakes B. apples C. bread and cakes

( ) 3. David likes drinking ________.

A. apple juice B. milk C. milk and apple juice

( ) 4.What do the Chinese students like eating and drinking?

A. rice and tea B. bread and milk C. cakes and juice

( ) 5. Where is David from?

A. China B. the USA C England


五英月考听力材料 2013.11


1、 I can skate .

2、 Welcome back to school.

3、There’s a map of the world on the wall

4、Here’s your change.

5、I live in a new house now.

6、They’re having a Music lesson now.

7、I like horses very much.

8、We don’t work on Sundays.

9. How many boys are there on the swing? Three.


1. A: What can that boy do? B: He can ski.

2. A: How many blouses are there on the sofa? B: There are five.

3. A: Where is the cat? B: It’s behind the sofa.

4. There is a schoolbag on the swing.

5. A: Do you like pigs? No, I don’t. I like pandas.

6.A: What can you do? B: I can play the guitar.


1. Is there a book on your desk?

2. Can your father play football?

3. What’s in the garden?

4. How much are the flowers?

5. Do you like puzzles?


人) in Liu Tao’parents don’


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