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班级 姓名 分数




have a good time ( ) make his bed ( )

the jiuqu stream ( ) where will they go for the holidays ( )


are→ make→ take→ swim→

do→ watch→ eat→ have→


A. 用on, in, at填空

the morning

December Sunday six o’clock

B. 用to, by, at填空

plane Sanya stay a nice hotel school


( )1. How did they go there? A. I visited the Great Wall.

( )2. Where will you go for the holidays? B. On January 1st.

( )3. When did he go there? C. By plane.

( )4. What did you do on September 2nd? D. Wuyishan.


( )1.What will you do there?

A. I’ll climb the mountains. B. I’ll see the river.

( )2.Hello. This is Chen Ling. May I speak to Sally, please?

A. Speaking. B. Hold on, please. ( )3.Do you clean your room every day?

A. Yes, I do. B. No, I don’t.

( )4.When did you come back? A. On Nov. 3rd. B. On Dec.3rd.

( )5.Where were you in the summer vacation?

A. In Beijing. B. In London.

( )6.Will you go swimming in the sea?

A. Yes, I will. B. No, I won’t.


My name is Mike. I am a boy. I am nine years old. I am a student. I am from Australia. I like red. Red is my favorite color. So I like apples very much. Look! This is my family. My father is a teacher. My mother is a teacher, too. We are a happy family.

九、阅读理解。(15分) Dear Amy,

How are you? I miss you very much. My sister and I are having our summer vacation in Beijing. Yesterday we went to visit the Great Wall. We got there by plane. We went shopping in the afternoon. I bought some books. In the evening we went swimming. When I went to bed at 10:00 p.m., I was very tired but happy.


Li Ping


( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 2.根据短文内容选择填空。

( )①. Li Ping and her sister are in .

A. England B. Shanghai C. Beijing

( )②.They in the afternoon.

A. went shopping B. went swimming C. went to bed ( )③. Li Ping bought some .

A. clothes B. many things C. books

( )④. Li Ping went to bed at .

A. 10:00 p. m. B. 10:10 p. m. C. 10:30 p. m. ( )⑤.Was Li Ping tired?

A. Yes, she is. B. No, she wasn’t. C. Yes, she was.

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